Exercises in the morning for children 2-3 years old

Morning up on items simple exercise, the baby will accrue screening for the day. Advanced training activities of the body, promoting the development of movement skills needed to strengthen the group, formed from the right.

Exercise morning for children  2-3 year old

– Walk in the Room: Swing one’s arm freedom 1-1,5 minutes.

– Rise up body: children stand a few feet wide, hand-hour high, a hand reaching in to the people up and then lower your hands down, as 3-4 times.

– Squat: baby stand, foot open wide to spread out , elbow down, hands knees lowered, head is about the front. Then reaching up and rise up body then put their hands to shut shoulder, repeating 2-3 times.

– Plant derived: baby stand, foot open wide to spread out, hands bring horizontal, inclined to the left and right, left hands and right hands up. Repeat 2-3 times on each side.

– Running in the room: Time running 10-12 seconds.

– Walk end: walk in the room about 1 minute.

Things to note

Lets to do exercise each day for the baby to a certain time before breakfast. Time of about 10 minutes. As well as on the other, the baby should wear appropriate clothing for easy movement.

Parents should also observe the use of children, from the head, shoulder, butt and especially your baby’s spine. Ministry should stand straight, shoulders are dropping, not nearly up, move your hands comfortable, not lower one’s head Keep the baby from the right even when resting, when walking, running and move the other.

Number of repeating each exercise depends on the nature of each work, as well as the level of force can be. The exercises difficult, with volume larger campaign should be repeated 2-3 times, but on the general development of the hands, feet should be 4-6 times since.

Select the operation and arrangement of exercises for the baby needs some regulation. First, the work must be suitable and attractive for children. Exercises must be completed on the skills go, run, climb, throw, promoting the formation from the right, causing the active of the respiratory, circulatory, groups of … Will be held if the exercise in the morning with games campaign topics, including 3-4 in the pool. Do not forget to walk, exercises strengthen the shoulder, the feet, hands, back, abdomen, running 10-15 seconds and walk to end conscious respiration, air-conditioned heart operation, moved the body to status still normal.

Each morning exercise to change the game theme, create excitement for the baby. Diversity depends on the brain imagination of each of us. Can compose the exercise of the butterfly fly, birds fly

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