Exercises help children develop intelligence


Baby development quickly in age from 2 to 3. What children learn during this period will reflect the attitude of learning about them later, when many attitudes are not easily modified when the baby grows.

Exercises help children develop intelligence
So parents need to consider this age is the ability set the basis for the baby.

This stage, if you teach children the basic (movement, language, memory skills, self-service …) ribs, the baby will be as people very light skin. Is not taught anything, for natural baby not only will play to the superiority of which has all of the baby disappear when not.

When the baby is 2 years training in memory, the memory will be good to maintain continuous and easily. With the baby was not trained in memory at this time, the grade 6 to year is difficult to remember all the formula in calculating the numbers, fractions … Therefore, when 2 years old for children need to practice as much memory as possible. Such exercises: the national memory of the water, remember the name of the animals, remember the name of the fruit, the flower type, memory type car … That the parents find entirely useful, not too in to be. Mothers have taught children 2 years of age to remember the test name 100 famous doctor. Child that has become a very excellent. This is not to insert knowledge.

Shichida professors tell the skill of note up to the peak at two years old that do the work so it is very useful: one side makes the ability to remember the higher the development, the formation energy of baby, on the other, the knowledge of load will be closed in the sense of potential in life, then as the basis for them to have excellent ability and high thinking.

Some exercises memory for baby:

– Read or listen to children tell a story, then ask after the baby.

– Require children to observe a group of animals, objects in about 1 minute, then put them away and ask the children see what they remember is what (name, features).

– For children of 5-10 in a group of objects or animals in about 1 minute, then ask the baby close your eyes or the faces (which at the same time, take away your secrets or add or change seats), about 30 seconds after the request of the Ministry of view is missing or has been the place.

– Similarly with children playing games “a bag of spirit”: get a bag dinginess request select baby 5-10 objects / animals / types older than … Each before the bags are for children have the time (about 20-30 seconds) to observe, name, remember the color, characteristics of them. Depending on the age or capacity of the child which specifies the number, type of objects / animals … are put in bags. After everything was in the bag, ask children to market hand bag (not visible) taken out by first name and tell what color they see? When the first in about 2-3 bags let baby guess is in the bag anything, color, characteristics of this letter.

– Put the baby 2 age in front of the 5-10 box. In 3 box put something. Let baby guess that’s the box has things. No child is 2 years old was beginning to guess correctly all 3 boxes have a map. Please try 1 box first.

– Set up tables 5-10 items, look for baby? within 1 minute, then hide the item 1, the foot is what items, colors, characteristics of them. Please practice multiple exercises practice this type of memory, and may cut, the additional attraction, both in the baby would be very useful in helping children develop memory.