Exercise After Pregnancy- Some Advice For New Moms


Pregnancy involves a lot of stress coupled with the wonderful feeling of having your baby, whom you nursed inside your womb all through the nine months, now lying beside you. But along with all such medley of emotions come the thought of whether you could ever get back a flat tummy and the pre-pregnancy silhouette back again. The answer is, yes, you can. With a little effort on your part, proper diet and taking some time out to follow a brief exercise schedule you can shed on those additional calories, tightening your stomach and feel relaxed to a great extent. Once your doctor gives you the nod, you can make headway with your exercise after pregnancy beginning with lighter and moving on to more difficult ones gradually.

Exercise After Pregnancy- Some Advice For New Moms

Walking- Although you might feel you are not getting enough time out from attending to your baby to follow a walking schedule everyday religiously, you can do so by incorporating it in other chores that you do. For instance, what better way to give yourself and your baby some feel of fresh air than taking him or her for a walk or stroll in the evening or early morning? It might be difficult for you to make a fixed routine at this stage, so do not adhere to any specific time and get going just for about 10 minutes increasing it gradually to 20 and 30 whenever you feel like.

Breathing and Relaxation Exercises- Breathing exercises are as much important post pregnancy as they were when you were carrying your baby inside. Just take deep breaths when you are feeding your baby and practice techniques for strengthening the muscles around the shoulders and the neck which tend to ache with hours of sitting upright while nursing.

For your Tummy- When you first got a glimpse of your tummy post delivery, you might have been horrified to see it still bulging and sagging down below making you look as if you have another baby in there. But the good news is you can get back into your old jeans and for this, start with simplest abdominal crunches targeting your upper and lower abdomen separately. While the normal crunches can help tighten your upper abdomen muscles, reverse crunches involve raising your pelvis and hips slightly to target the lower abdomen. Inhaling should be done when lifting your head for normal crunches or hips for reverse ones, while releasing air is important when you return to the normal position.

Remember, exercises are not only meant to help you cast off your weight, they are great stress busters and therefore, are very much essential at this point of time when you might be feeling exhausted to the core feeding and spending sleepless nights.