Entertainment and children’s feelings

Play can help children understand the many concepts and different ideas. One of the benefits that can bring fun to help children reach their own understanding by exploring, understanding their own emotions.

Entertainment and children's feelings Playing with other children

When a new child development from toddlers to know go to preschool age, children gradually more conscious about playing with other children. The bigger, better they know to share their toys, play games with other children and took comfort in role-playing game scenario imagined with their friends.

Whether young usually disharmony with each other, there is still a perfect opportunity for children collided with the situation, help them feel that way when these circumstances occur, how they deal with emotion .. . all is an important part of the road inevitably grow up, develop social skills and feelings of the child.

Playing with role as the others.

Children also learn about mood and emotion when they play with yourself. Imagination and play in the game follow theme help they action to different scenarios and explore the emotions of other people see is how. In the early years, children find it hard to capture the different perspectives of those around them. But as they grow and continue to grow, the ability to understand that each person can feel different and have different views in the same situations and circumstances … children will become more sensitive.

Understanding feelings through books and reading

Another way through which children can learn more about emotions is through books and reading. Sharing stories with children from a young age is good and there are many books give children the idea of dealing with situations mood, different types of emotions. For example, children may themselves be jealous and gives early retirement when a new brother was born, but there are also children’s books talk about this subject, support them realize that emotion that is normally very nature, not threaten our current position.

Many other cases: first school, losing a social relationship because someone died, or their parents divorced a very easy problem causing emotional and appeared a series of complex emotions . By choosing an age appropriate book is referring to the situation and solving method, parents can help children understand their feelings and find effective measures to deal with them.

Playing as a means to deal with emotions.

The children’s play is also used as a teaching valuable method helps them learn of dealing with emotions. If they’re feeling sad, depressed, angry or frustrated … playing with toys, self-satisfied with the fantasy game, the game can serve as an enjoyable pastime. They can be absorbed in the game form of love, fleeing from the real world in a moment. It also brought the children time to accept the situation or circumstance occurs, often provide opportunities for children themselves and the role eventually understand the nature of events.

Children’s emotions is a complex problem. There are many things around the brain and understanding of children, and the best thing you can do, as parents is to support them, demonstrate your interest and let them know that normally only if you have many different feelings, and best to express that emotion, rather than restraining them in their hearts


  1. Nice article. Children in the USA need to get back to more play instead of TV, video games, etc. Keep trying to spread the word, because children here aren’t getting what they really need when it comes to playing.

  2. Nice post. :-) Playing is very important in honing our kid’s intellectual and socializing skills. It is beneficial to a child when having active play with the other kids, may it be physically or mentally. :-)