Ensuring nutrition for children in diarrhea

The mother usually diet or feeding rarely when child be had diarrhea. Actually need to keep feeding to ensure adequate nutrition for children does not fall into the state of malnutrition.

 Ensuring nutrition for children with diarrhea

Nutrition is a very important role in coping and reducing the risk of diarrhea. Besides electrolyte drink for children, a proper diet, ensure adequate supply of energy and nutrients will help your baby weight fast recovery after diarrhea.

In infants, baby must continue breastfeeding, breastfeeding and even as much as possible. Breast milk is an invaluable source of nutrition for babies, providing easily digestible nutrients, clean, safe and rich in anti-bacterial substances such as antibodies, of leukemia, the good bacteria helps increase nursery intense resistance, and of course, so baby heal disease.

If the bottle-fed, the mother continues to breastfeed, but should check the rules when cleaning as pasteurized milk bottles and nipples, using individual spoons and cups for baby. When choosing milk formula, need to look into the effects of enhanced immune protection such as probiotics are beneficial bacteria (example: bifidobacteria and lactobacillus).

Diarrhea is a disease transmitted by the gastrointestinal tract, including the distribution of pathogens from infections transmitted through food, water, hands, utensils, contaminated flies into the body through the mouth. Germs cause diarrhea has many types, but rota virus is the most common cause children.

When your child has diarrhea, vomiting, anorexia will reduce the amount of food, the body enhance energy to fend off disease should demand energy increase. Meanwhile, the intestinal damage caused by toxins that the bacteria had the ability to absorb nutrients is reduced (like lactose). Consequently, the nutritional status of children has been reduced, leading to resistance of the baby and also weakened her even more susceptible to infectious diseases over. Cycle of the disease if allowed to continue will eventually lead to death.

For babies under 3 months old, malnourished children, to see more loose stools, more porous and more sour, which is a phenomenon not intolerance lactose.You should  be feeding no lactose in milk 5-7 days until stools thick. However note should normally feeding milk slowly to bowel recovery gradually, to avoid recurrence of diarrhea because the intestine is not well accept by the lactose.For child began eat solid food, needed to continue feeding the baby’s normal food like porridge, meat, vegetables, fruits, tubers, yogurt, fruit … Should select easy to digest food, split a meal if baby is not good appetite. You can still feeding baby oil and should not start fasting or eating only soup for salt, will make her prolonged diarrhea and malnutrition. When baby was less diarrhea and appetite back, you feeding more meals and gradually increase the amount of food they can compensate for the energy shortage as diarrhea, which helps the body to gain weight normally .

Also, clean food safety will help control the risk of diarrhea. Reality proved: baby was breastfeeding, mothers wash hands before preparing food for babies, feeding equipment is sterilized before food containers, food safety … will lead to babies with diarrhea rate was much lower. Prevention of diarrhea with nutrition and hygiene measures will help parents control the diarrhea.

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