How many times have you seen on TV or in movies children grumbling about doing chores and parents giving in and letting the kids not do their tasks? As a parent, it is better if you stop yourself from backing down when it comes to assigning chores to your kids.

You should teach them the value of work. At the same time, communicating that you are all a team inside your home. Thus, each is responsible for various aspects of the house.

With that said, chores are still chores. Even as adults, plenty of people still hate the idea of doing chores, so why should you expect kids to be different? However, tasks don’t have to be boring all the time.

With this article, you’ll find different ways to encourage your kids to help clean up at home. Read on and find out which ones will work best with your kids.

1.  Fruity Scrubbers

Although a lot of kids like playing in the tub, not a lot of them look forward to cleaning it. It isn’t a task that a lot of kids will find appealing. However, with something as simple as fruits and salt, you’ll find that this can change quite fast.

All you need is sliced grapefruit and salt embedded or sprinkled inside the slice, and you have yourself a bathtub scrubber. This way will entice your kids to help you scrub out the bathtub.

Aside from the bonus of smelling good, this way of cleaning is also natural and chemical free, so it doesn’t harm you or your kids in any way.

2. Going Backward

In a household with a lot of people living in it, especially a bunch of kids, you’ll find that one of the common complaints are about someone leaving a mess behind.

A lot of times, there is no malicious or any actual intent behind someone leaving behind a mess. Most of the time, it is simply due to people’s forgetfulness or absent-mindedness that it happens.

With that said, a nifty little trick to avoid people forgetting to pick up after themselves is by telling them to walk backward as they leave a room. It’s a funny way of going to a place that helps them see if they missed anything.

3. Chore Cards

Delegating chores to your kids doesn’t have to sound like an order.  Sometimes, it isn’t what you said but the way you said it that discourages your kids from doing their job. On that note, you can make the task of delegating chores fun for everyone in the house.

First, establish a ranking for a chore depending on how hands-on or time-consuming it’s going to be. Then, separate each task that you must finish by their ranking. Ideally, there should only be three rankings.

After that, you have the family choose one card from each pile, which they must all finish by the end of the day. It’s a cute way of assigning chores to your kids and for the whole family as well.

4. Trash and Treasure

Another household task that kids don’t like is throwing out the garbage. Simple it may seem, it can still appear like quite a hassle to kids who don’t want to go out of the house.

However, there is a fun way to encourage them to do the task. If you make throwing the trash appear like an adventure, they are sure to find the task much more exciting than usual.

All you need to do is make it seem like a treasure hunt every time they have to throw the trash away. The Xs mark the trash bins that they have to collect and a legend to locate the dumpster or something else similar for them to throw it in.

5. Spills and Toddlers

Teaching a child how to be clean with themselves at a young age will pay off for you and your home in the future. You can start by reacting calmly to every spill and teaching them how to clean up after themselves.

The key here is consistency. Every time they spill, acknowledge the spill happening, and then proceed to guide them to how to clean themselves up.

That way, you are creating a habit of cleanliness and teaching your kids responsibility all at the same time.

6. Good Clean Fun

As a parent, you have to do a lot of things in the house regarding maintenance that your kids aren’t able to do. With that said, it is best that you assign the smaller tasks like wiping down surfaces to your kids so that you can spend time cleaning other things.

Equip your kids with a spray bottle of natural cleaning solutions and their microfiber cloth or something similar. Since they’re kids, you shouldn’t worry too much about perfection, but as long as they get the job done, it’s a good enough lesson for them.

7. Little Moppers

Kids, while they’re still young, are still much more impressionable and like mimicking your actions more. Thus, this is an excellent opportunity for you to create a cleaning habit in them. One of these habits can be to clean up spills with a mop.

Find a dry mop and make them play around and wipe at the floor with you replaying the action yourself. Then, slowly transition into pouring “practice spills” on the floor for them to wipe on and you’ll find the mopping habit soon is going to develop in your kids.

8. Dusting for Money

Making a game out of certain chores is always an excellent way to encourage kids to clean up. With that said, you can treat dusting your home just like the treasure hunt except this time with real treasure, a.k.a. Small change.

Hide coins away at various areas for them to find as they dust all around their assigned areas. Doing this can make them excited to start dusting around the home, making the chore much more fun than usual.

9. The Job Jar

The Job JarAnother simple but fun way to delegate tasks to kids is by writing the chores on a cute medium like popsicle sticks. Then, store it in a jar for them to choose from.

This is best for much younger kids as ideally the tasks in the jar should be ones that they can finish in a few minutes or so.

10. Musical Chores

Music is an excellent companion with any chore. With that said, if you want to assign vacuuming to your kids, then a unique way of making sure they clean thoroughly is through music.

Ask them what song they want to play loud and then tell them that they have to vacuum until the song ends. The music will help make the chore fun, plus it will also make them clean for longer than they would when left alone.

As parents, it is essential that you make kids feel like they’re a huge part of the household by developing in them a sense of work ethic. Through the previous tricks mentioned, you can find a way to make them do the chores without making it unappealing.

Hopefully, your kids will find at least one or two of these appealing, and you’ll have a much more harmonious time assigning household works to them in the future.



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