Encourage independence in children

Clothing, food, sit potty and brushing the fourth milestone on the path of independent development for children. Of course in toddlers are not ready to take everything themselves, the kid can just arrange for her assistant – as parents. Let her side, encouraging and helping your baby learn new skills. Remember, the development in each child is different. Wait until the baby began to concern themselves a new self-care should encourage baby to try.

Encourage independence in children

1. Feed oneself

After first birthday, baby said holding spoons and shovel of food in their mouths but to be 15-18 months, baby food that feed oneself is still splattered on the floor. About 2 years old, when eye coordination skills – good hands, then baby knows how to eat with spoons than perfect.

How to help your baby

– Give your baby a spoon as a toy as soon as possible, as soon as practical with the spoon, in her skills as possible up.
– Recommended dry food rather than water as easy to eat with  spoon down again limited fall, flow.
– Eat with mother ability to see the baby eating “professional” from mother.

2. Wear- take clothes off

18 months old, baby can not versatile enough to play close buttons or zippers, but they can easily pull down lock. When this activity occurs, drag lock – take clothes off as babies favorite game.

By age 3, baby can dress well, although sometimes there are still quite embarrassing for the buttons and the cord lock.

How you help your child

– Create a game related: for example, suggested baby wear socks in hand. Little toddlers love new challenges and do not want to be forced to do.
– Give your baby the opportunity to choose clothes.
– Give your baby time to learn how to take off – get dressed.

3. Brushing

Approximately 2 years old, baby had almost enough teeth, with each 10 teeth above – under. Although baby did not know squeeze toothpaste and brush your teeth properly until 5 years old but this is the time, you should encourage kid self-brush. Remember to check back later to ensure smooth work and teach baby to spit out toothpaste.

How you help your child

– For brushing fun: Use toothpaste that smells pleasant and a fresh color brush
– Along with brushing your baby to imitate your baby can move up – down from the mother.
– To the mirror while brushing because of this very interesting.

4. Sit potty

Average baby begins to know sit potty when 2.5 years old. But training habits sit potty for children should be starting soon. Approximately 6 months old, when they know they sat the potty training will be an advantage.

How you help your child

– To choose  baby will be placed potty.
– When your baby potty, ask baby “Have you just done?”.
– When the baby to finish, help bay clean toilet

Hope the tips to bring useful information for you!
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