Encourage children pursue hobbies

All parents have their wishes and hopes for the future of their children. But  we must also recognize that children should become what we want. Usually, each child has an innate tendency to express preferences through childhood.

Encourage children pursue hobbies

People say if you want happiness for life, learn what you love doing. So grab your attention to the interests of children and encourage children to pursue, from which they can themselves find the way of their own happiness. Some tips maybe useful for your children.

Reading: books are the best friend of children. Reading habit is one of the best habits that you should stick in your child. It helps children to increase general knowledge and improve understanding of the world’s children.

Sports: any physical activities that will make children more agile and flexible in terms of spiritual benefit. A child must be guided awareness play a sport like football, cycling, swimming, martial arts, chess and badminton … However, do not force them to reach that level. Excellence only when it must come.

Music and dance: music to bring peace to the soul. Dance is a way that can help children express feelings and yourself. Bringing children to music is a way to make our lives become more holy.

Photography: give your child a camer and see the wonderful pictures that we recorded from our unique perspective. Know where you are raising a photographer or filmmaker potential.

Cooking: If your son likes pan& pot, do not stop him baked a cake. Who knows, this morning he could own a television program like … Yan can cook or  manage a restaurant or hotel of him. You should not discourage the pursuit of a certain job just because of gender. Remember chef in five star hotels mostly men!

Painting: this is a great way for children to express yourself and release emotions in a healthy manner. The painted drawings will reveal great potential and fostering artistic creativity of children.

Collectibles: do not fret when I collected and kept things … nuts such as gravel, or sharpening pencils map. Give young children a space to display his collection of action. Preference is a collection of useful routines for calculating child care training, the ability to pay attention, thinking and organizing. These are essential skills for any profession in the future.

In addition, there are many other hobbies such as gardening, sewing, crafts and games, fishing, playing games or acting … Give children some time to separate the child can make their own liking. Must always remember that special interests of the child encouragement, not pressure them to our liking. It is also a good opportunity for children to learn to respect other people’s interests.

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