Eat fish reduce to infect eczema in infants


Scientists have discovered a fish diet may protect children from being common skin diseases, reduced risk of eczema.

Eat fish reduce to infect eczema in infants

Recent decades, the incidence of allergic eczema surge in developed countries, this increase is mainly due to diet and habitat pollution. Ever thought that, fish food is not recommended for small children because of the characteristics of its allergenic. But now, scientists discovered fish diet may protect children from being common skin diseases.

Study by Swedish scientists said the young fish before 9 months of age will reduce the risk of eczema. Accordingly, when the child was 6 months old, many parents were asked about children’s diets and manifestations suspected infected eczema, the questions are asked when a child is 1 year old. Results showed that: In the first years of life, 1 / 5 of children with eczema. Young fish before 9 months old, was 25% lower risk of eczema. However, genetic factors are also related to the disease, children whose mother or sibling with eczema by 2 times the risk of this disease as an age.

Knowing this information, the new year I remember the baby fish in the daily menu for disease prevention for children.

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