Early detection when baby decay enamel


Decayed enamel to tooth decay can occur in children 6-12 months old. The four front teeth (two front incisors , two lower incisors) the most vulnerable. Serious condition, there are holes in teeth, gradually destroys tooth enamel and causes tooth decay (decay, fracture).

Early detection when baby decayed enamel

Early enamel damage may be caused by improper bottle.


Decayed enamel in infants can be difficult to detect. Some early symptoms likely to cause tooth decay as follows:

– A strip of thin, translucent white lines running along (gum) is the first sign and usually not discovered by parents. Bacteria found in plaque change it into acid, upset substances in enamel. If not treated early, it can make holes in teeth.

– The holes in yellow, brown or black forms on teeth are signs of tooth decay has progressed.

– Dental looked like a tree in brown, black children had been proven cavities. Incisors on – less and easily damaged teeth soon. The tooth may also be affected but less or slower.

Protect enamel for baby

Protection of enamel caries prevention is an effective way. Breastfed is the best because it reduces the risk of early tooth decay in children. If baby is bottle-fed, you should be noted:

– Withdrawal the bottle from mouth when baby finish.

– Pour the boiled water into the bottle if baby likes to sip.

– Move your baby to drink cups, drink use spoons from about 7-8 months old.

– Encourage your child to drink water instead of juice, soft drinks when thirsty.

– Do not dip pacifier in honey, sugar or other liquids.

Hygiene  teeth for your baby:

As soon as the first baby teeth appear, you can wipe the front – the back teeth for children with a soft towel, clean the books on mother finger.

About 1 year old, brush your teeth with a soft brush for children but not to use toothpaste. Approximately 18-24 months of age, you can choose to buy toothpaste for children. Each time, just by using a cream of peas.

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  1. As this stage, tooth decay is what I’m most concerned about with my toddler. she still take milk from the bottle before sleeping and it’s difficult to brush her teeth properly. She does already drink from a glass or cup and loves to drink water. It’s that nightime bottle habit that we need to break.

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