Development skills control hand for baby


Digital hand control is the process of coordination between the fingers, hands, wrists to help baby birds, hold, snatch or operate a toys (objects). After that, they will become proficient in the writing of paint colors, pin shirt button, pulled key of trousers, use scissor for cutting shape, knead clay …

Skills development control hand for baby

Learn baby controls hand

1. Permit baby use hand to eat : Approximately 9-10 months old, hand picking food is one way to practice a handful of pieces of baby food, keep food in and put two fingers up her mouth.

2. Play to measure out water: When bathing, try to join games baby with a plastic cup to the baby close to the cup and pour a glass of water from bathroom to basin. This campaign encourages baby both hands and explore the world around the same time. Choose plastic cups with many different sizes, some of the small can punch at the bottom of the cup.

Besides bath, can teach your baby measure out rice (or other small objects) in the cup. Do not force your baby to close – how to pour rice properly, your baby should be free to have fun.

3. Playing with color pencil: Do not care too on the results, it is important that your baby enjoy controlling hands, fingers and arms during the journey. Choose safe space for baby learn to draw.

Tray for baby food containers, which can be poured into little flour (rice porridge) and to admit the baby trifle hands. Do not be afraid of dirty, let baby to explore the movement of fingers, hands with faith interested.

4. To help when baby wear: Each dressing your baby, you should avoid all things; instead, you should be encouraged to hand over the baby pass through sleeve of shirt. Permit baby remove all legs of socks and wear socks if your baby is big enough.

5. String objects: If your baby has grown, so buy the plastic blocks (wooden) toys, bored a hole, a moderate magnitude for baby don’t stuck in throat and teach baby string objects.

6. Turn pages: When reading, should encourage your baby to hand turn, open the pages. You will also recognize your baby’s eagerness to book soon after. Initially, the baby turned many pages at once, ignoring the order of the pages but only shortly after, they will know how to turn each page, the correct number of pages are marked.

7. Playing with balloons: Blowing a small ball and let your baby learn to start the ball by hand. Teach your baby to keep the ball by extending the palm of your hand in a certain position. Very interesting game with the ball so you can practice about 1 hour after meals in the afternoon side of the baby.

8. Toys push & pull: These toys can stretch or push away for a very good hand control skills. Should choose to buy toys that she can play in many ways, has helped increase interest your baby, your baby has led creative.

9. Playing with musical instruments: Musical instrument baby toys are things easily shake, shake, press or by hand clapping they help your child develop the hand. You can buy toys for baby instruments or self-ratings of pea in a plastic bottle, is sealed to cover baby bottle with your hands shaking.

Digital hand control by age:

– Phase 0-3 months: huddle – unfold the fingers, snatch toys.

– 6 months: Playing with the fingers; bend people to obtain objects; transfer toys from hand to hand another; vibration tintinnabulum.

– 9 months: wave one’s hand; play with toys.

– 12 months: Proficient skills handling food; handful are small objects with your index and thumb; classified the blocks overlap.

– 18 month: Pull, push and dam objects; open pages; hand openly hats, gloves and shoes all; play with pen drawings.

– 2 years: eat food by spoon; automatically open the lid of a box; drawing pictures; own rub fingers when washing hands with her mother.

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