Development of scientific thought for children


Help child understand of the sprout, you can put a few seeds of green beans into a small box containing a moist cotton pad. Then you and your baby monitor how seeds sprout .

The fun way stimulates scientific thinking for children, from Parenting toddler:

Development of scientific thought for children

Learning about property objects

Collected objects with different materials: wood block picture, metal bowls, plastic spoons, apples (oranges), paper, rubber balls, pencils, eraser … Set things up a little bowl floating on the water. Next, you and your child to guess whether it will sink or known disease nghim hold.

Magnet fun

Take a bar magnet and different materials such as glass, plastic spoons, pieces of wire, paper pin, nail, piece of aluminum, rocks … Please play with children and asked if any items will be attracted to magnets.

Understanding static electricity

You need to prepare a balloon is inflated. Guide children gently rub the surface of the ball with pieces of hair and wool. They’ll find they stick to football. Then you change to other objects such as walls, refrigerators, display … if there was anything can sticky with ball.

The shape of water

Let’s collect the cup (or container) have different shapes. You fill it with water and let child check at the moment, how water shapes.

Mixing liquid

You need to prepare a few jars with lids, food coloring, oil, vinegar, water… and measuring cup. Keep mixing two liquids together, such as water with food coloring and water with oil… Pour mixture into the bottle and wait a few minutes to see what will happen: There was substance to dissolve in water? There was solvent, there is no substance. Some substances lighter (heavier )….

Mixing colors

You need to have three types of food color is red, green, yellow, a glass of milk, a bowl and soap bubbles. Pour the milk into the bowl then you add 3 drops of red in a bowl corner. Alternately add 3 drops of green, yellow in the bowls of different angles. You do not mix (or inverted bowl); followed, more soap bubbles in the bowl.

Children will observe soap bubble does not dissolve in milk, instead of soap will float and spread on milk. But when the colors come together to blend and create a new color.

Understanding the development of the butterfly

Put a caterpillar on a leaf with a few empty boxes. Boxes covered with paper (or plastic), dig a hole in the lid for air circulation. Then, children will observe how the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis and butterfly .

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