Decoded action of baby under 1 year old


Besides crying, baby know that communication with parents through a variety of sounds, different gestures. In the first year of life, the baby made lots of noise like to express joy or sad.

Learn with your baby’s six action below, the synthesis from Parents magazine:
Decoded gesture of baby under 1 year old
1. Calling shriek

Purpose cause noise in high-intensity sound direction you want the attention of mother. Calling shriek sign when he or she is excited (like play  peekaboo) but it also expressed concern as when you cut the baby nails. If your baby does not stop screechy, can baby is trouble.

To cope with this problem, you do not screech like baby. Please respond with specific words such as: “Do you like this ball?” Or “They’re playing peekaboo”. Baby not understand what you say but guess what will your baby be able to parent mood through facial and voice of the mother. If mother communicate verbally, they will have the opportunity to increase language. Use words to describe what baby wanted to, you will understand the feelings of the baby, your baby will also collect a lot of words from mother.

2. Baby begin to squeak uncomfortable

You can hear the sound “squeak ” emanating from deep in the pharynx when the baby shit but it is also the baby stress relieving or expression of sadness. Nearly one year old, if your baby is continuous “squeak ” that baby  want something but can not express in words. If you pay attention to your baby’s emotional state often, you can understand what baby wants.

3. The sound like hackles up

Sound “hackles up” emanating from the throat is not common, until baby is about 6 months old. At this point, the sound “hackles up”  as an exercise for the throat area. When larger, gestures “hackles up” are expressed dissatisfaction as the baby does not like kiss that someone  from parents demand.

4. Laughing alone

About 4 months old, you will discover that a baby laughed at his jokes or happy to chat with her mother. Snicker or laugh enjoy the natural reaction of the body, especially when you blow into the abdomen or moving your feet baby baby style bicycle.

When larger, their expression a kind smile of Shy; for example, smiling baby, go baby stalk when picking food in a bowl of her mother – the development of complaints when he or she knows comedy act that will make amazing parents . Encourage your baby very funny mind easy: please pretend like you’re doing funny things.

5. Sigh

A few weeks old, your baby has signs sighed natural – reaction satisfied with what you bring your baby. In addition, sighed also help baby relax and express mood consent.

6. Babble

About 4-6 months old, baby babbles friends started hearing sounds such as consonant or vowel, most “p”, “b” and “m”. You can also hear the sound as “pu pu” or “bu bu” first. If your baby as much practice, you hear the sounds as diverse and “products” it can be a phrase sounds like “baba tata bebe. It is also a warning signal to the language of the baby later  “ma ma”

Baby soon to speak, as soon as baby fails, you friends with your baby babbles. Try to test different sounds to your baby so easy to imitate or create a “song babbles”.