Unsurprisingly, having a baby isn’t easy; it may be exciting and joyous but no joy comes without annoy. When you’re in the process of becoming a new mom, no one warns you about the existential crisis you might face or the uncalled white vomit on your favorite sweater or the constant fear that you’re ruining your baby’s life.

However, if you do have an uncontrollably, ear-splittingly wailing, and screaming baby wrapped between your two arms, and is the reason you haven’t slept and bathed in the past few nights, or if you’re someone who just replaced their paid job with changing 10 diapers a day or even if you identify as someone who now trips over binkies, and has unwashed laundry of more than a week, then this article is just for you to help you alleviate your unexpected new-mom emotions that might include self-hatred, hysterical crying, and perhaps even anger.

Here are a few guidelines that might help you to cope with stress while handling your newborn:

1. Sleeping at Night

While sleep may seem like a luxury right now that only few can afford, you too can gain access to this wealth to preserve your sanity. Try acquiring help for nighttime feeding and rotate nighttime shifts. Have your husband or any close relative that you trust feed your child during the night. Pump out a bottle of breast milk before you sleep and hand it over to whoever is willing to take the responsibility and enjoy a blissful sleep. Read this post here.

2. Establishing a Support Group

To ease the challenges the birth of a newborn brings, one can create a local mom’s group in the neighborhood to seek a circle of support and encouragement. Building such a network will allow mothers in the area to share their common paralyzing realizations and tips to deal with them through experienced mothers. These groups could also be online on Facebook or other social media platforms where mothers can discuss anything from the color of the vomit of their kid to teething stages to their baby’s OOTD (Outfit of the day). Finding like-minded people will not only enhance your social circle but will also give your friends that are willing to lend an ear to your unnumbered stories.

3. Professional Help

Another way to deal with your stress is consulting your physician. Your physician might provide you with a change in diet or prescribe a new treatment. Additionally, stress can be treated through medical marijuana or weed, view this post, both of which can essentially help with pain management and help reduce chronic stress by restoring one’s body to normal levels of functioning.

4. Visitor Rules 

With the arrival of a newborn also comes along arrival of rather unwanted phone calls and guests that you don’t have always have the energy to fake a smile for. For moments like these, remember you have to take care of yourself first and are not obligated to attend to them. Limit the frequency of the visitors. While this also means that you will receive less cream cakes, and fewer flowers bouquets to decorate your house with, it is imperative to establish visiting rules. If you need rest, do not be afraid of excusing yourself.

5. Keeping a Journal

Keep a baby care log to track your baby’s activities such as feeding, diaper changes and sleeping hours. This will help you keep track of the baby’s patterns and help you establish your activities during the day accordingly.

6. Ask For Help

Do not be scared of asking for help. A newborn brings into your life a plethora of feelings; excitement and delight but this does not come without fatigue. Hire a maid that can help you keep your house clean, attend to continually ringing telephone call of well-wishers and to give you a hand in cooking meals every day. This idea may seem costly to you right now but it’s going to be worth it after you see the stress it relieves you from.

7. Find Time for Your Significant Other

Often a baby might strain your relationship with your partner. To avoid that, find quality time with your partner and be honest with them. Try and take out an hour a week to go out and get a trusted family member to help you take care of your baby meanwhile.

8. Go Out

Try getting out of your house even if it’s for a total span of 10 minutes. A breath of fresh air, change of scenery, and some walk will help you clear your head, uplift your mood and boost your energy levels. If you’re scared for your baby, carry him with you in a pushchair; he/she needs fresh air, too.

9. Eat Well 

Chances are your pediatrician already told you this but eating a healthy, balanced diet is important because you need energy and the right nutrients to breastfeed and take good care of your little one. A good diet would include whole grains, fruits and leafy greens, and lean meats. If you’re in the mood for a snack, avoid anything that is packed with sugar and instead have nuts, salad and hummus.

10. Take Good Care Of Yourself

 Having a baby is both a physical and an emotional journey. Being a mother, it is essential that you take immense care of yourself, take a break once in a while and treat yourself with a long shower or read a magazine. Cut yourself some slack and be kind to yourself. Do not worry about all the laundry and cleaning that needs to be done, do not fret if you fall short. Eat well and be careful of what you consume and ensure your diet is full of nutrition.

Bringing a newborn in this world is an overwhelming miracle in itself but you’ve done it. It’s okay to feel frustrated amongst the chaos but once in a while, remember to breathe. You can do this!


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