On the road of life, there are sometime your daughter needs to hear the strong advice that, to be able to move on …

A person is not good to me, you should not be too bothered. In your life, no one should be obliged to be good with you except parents. But with good people to you, you should cherish and appreciate it.

But you also need a little bit precaution because everyone when doing anything that has its own purpose. Remember, they are good with you do not mean that they loved me.

No one is irreplaceable, not something entirely under the ownership of you. So, if after this people no longer have love inside or they are no longer a place you can trust, you do not grief.

Human beings really short, you do not let a day goes by in vain. People live ambitious longer, but you just live happily every day. Please respect and love to get my life right now.

This life is no one the best, love is feeling suddenly go through life, but it will take time and man’s heart of that change. If the person is away from you, I learn to wait. Take time to clean the wound, to the soul about the pain of the back and then will gradually disappear. You should never dream of a perfect love, do not exaggerate when it no longer hurts.

There are successful people without experiencing many schools, but that does not mean you stop learning efforts. The knowledge learned is you need a weapon, remember people can not do if they only empty – handed.

You do not necessarily care to remain half my life and me too. As an adult, you can walk by your foot, the responsibility of father ended. Later whether happiness or sadness, you must own choices and take responsibility for it.

You can force yourself to keep reputation, but can not ask others to do it for you. You may be required yourself to good treatmentwith some people, but I can not expect people will do the opposite. When you’re good behave with them, they have no obligation to be good with you. Remember thing if not you will always have troubles in life.

Father had bought tickets for 26 years but never once hit, it would suggest that the rich want to rely on hard work by myself, in this world do not have a free meal at all.

Only those with new predestined to become another relative’s people, even in the busy life you rarely meet people, but please respect the moment when you are together with them, give time that them to love you more and call for your mother.



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