Curb the jealousy in children


From 4, 5 or 6 years old, she used to envy. It’s a sign of anxiety, diffident. Please share with your child. This is the children awareness of “equality.” So, kid think you are being treated less fairly with the brothers, sisters or baby. Here are some helpful tips for you.

Curb the jealousy in children

Help kid limited jealous

– Do not make child feel guilty because you are jealous of the other adult’s remarks like: “You should be ashamed to envy his brother,” “Do not envy your friend so” .. . only makes child hide true feelings.

Let child know you really understand the feeling jealous of others. Nothing bad will you admit to your child sometimes have that feeling. But remember that your baby added to never let this feeling last. That would spoil the pleasure ourselves. When you understand, feeling jealous of her heart will be eased.

Encourage your child to tell the envy : Expressing emotions help child feel light.

When child realized that emotions can share, the jealousy fades. Surely it’s better than encouraging children to hide them.

If you ignore the child’s envy, you can not help child give up the evil habit.

– Look for the underlying cause child envy : When your kid reveal the bad habit with the other kids, you talk to kid about what it feels. Please help kid to relieve the burning in my heart, explaining why you should not act like that.

Your baby needs help to control your emotions

– Remember the jealousy is a sign that excessive anxiety of a child: When he revealed the frequent envy of the day, there are signs: Children anxious for their rights.

Fairness is not a good solution

Parents often think the best way to avoid jealousy among the children in the home is to treat the children equally. Actually, this is a mistake to think and not effective. Sometimes, it also causes the expression of envy of the baby.

For example, you might want to buy toys for children, but that means that a child will get things really do not need or want.

Parenting methods so as not interested in your child’s interests and will not promote the individuality of each child.

Your child must learn to recognize that there are always differences between individuals. If you do not care, avoid or satisfy their jealousy of the baby all the time, we will never know how to control emotions and develop good character.
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