Create exciting games for children

Bad weather, you can not give your kid outside but you can play the games with them. That games have through laughter to the family that just help children intellectual development.

Create exciting games for children

Stick game photos

The game begins by collecting waste materials. You pick up little things with light in the yard waste (leaves, weeds, trees) and other trash crafts (feathers, cloth thread, the small balls, rumple paper towels) concentrated into piles.

Paste a large sheet of paper (Sticky paper) on the refrigerator, sticky side out. Baby paste the material collected on the sticky side of the paper, name the character that child was stuck. You do not pay attention to little access to small objects can cause choking. To keep the material paste does not fall, you paste a sheet the same size and stressed down.

Children band

Kids like noisy, so you let the game create noise. Apart from these organisms can cause noise like pots, you can play things for children is available in the home.

Shake the box: Collect all kinds of plastic cap shell is like a box of canned potato chips dried or canned coffee. For rice or dried beans in the box. Sealed cover. You and your child decorate the outside of the box. When done you take your child shake the box.

Drum: Please remove the lid of the box blank and then tape the edges together. Paste multiple boxes together, then the child knock.

Magic box

Parents found out when buying toys for children of an age, kid just likes to play box. Taking advantage of the preferences of children opening presents, you should organize a game with enough cap box (paper box is best). In each box, you put a certain kind of fabrics such as bath sponge, a ball of wool, fabric ball, new cleaning boilers, ball made of cellophane, sandpaper square size or a small pocket stones.

Children love to watch birds and discover these objects. You tell the children about the difference in the shape of objects and materials. Place the small box inside a large box, kids will enjoy and be surprised to discover this. For children from 18 to 24 months of age, you set the game related to memory (such as finding the key of mothers in the box).

Water games related to math

Young children love watching their parents poured water into the container of water as they liked. They are attracted by the sound of murmuring and strange feeling when you touch the water. Water also helps children shape the concept of operations (water in this cup than the other cups or spoons less water in the cup …).

A little water to bath baby. You should note the room temperature must be warm, if adults must use a bath sheets lined slip. For the bathtub all kinds of toys such as cars, cups, funnels, bottles, dolls … To add a fun game, you blow soap bubbles in the bathtub.

Illustration Zoo

Please collect your baby’s favorite animals, put them on the couch or chair seats in different rooms in the house. Pretend to feed pet, take care of them and talk to children about the characteristics of them (this animal pliable ear, the other a long tail, the other is a smooth coat) and the cries of them (snarl, meow, snickers …).

Then you ask kid the characteristics of each animal, trying to help kid appearance the animal. This game helps children to think creatively and develop personal ideas, using memory.

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