Control cholesterol in pregnancy

Cholesterol plays an important role in pregnancy but women with high cholesterol should be careful and should know how to control cholesterol.

Control cholesterol in pregnancySome cholesterol is good

Cholesterol is a fatty substance in the body, produced by the liver, is divided into two types: good cholesterol (called HDL) and bad cholesterol (called LDL).

Bad cholesterol causes heart disease (blocked arteries) while the good cholesterol help to combat heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol in the fatty tissue of the body.

Cholesterol levels naturally increase during pregnancy

After the decline in first 3 months, cholesterol levels naturally rise above normal (both HDL and LDL both increased) in the second trimester left, the fat hormone stimulates the liver and increased activity.

Avoid products to prevent cholesterol during pregnancy

The doctors believe that cholesterol has its own effects such as stimulating cell membranes, some hormones and vitamin D, essential for fetal healthy development.

Some studies show that the link between low levels of cholesterol in pregnancy with severe brain defects, limb and central nervous system of the fetus.
Because choleterol play a role in the development of the fetus and the absorption of vitamin D should prevent cholesterol products should not be used with pregnant women and nursing.

There are many obstacles cholesterol foods on the market, including dairy products such as margarine or yogurt. All these products have warnings on the packaging.

Cholesterol control in pregnancy

The importance of cholesterol for healthy mothers and development of the fetus does not mean as much cholesterol as possible. The liver can provide enough demand for natural cholesterol the body and therefore, no need to eat more meat or milk. Make sure your diet with moderate amounts of cholesterol.

If you need treatment

If your doctor tells you that you have problems with cholesterol, the good cholesterol is too low, too high bad cholesterol, you can balance your cholesterol through diet and exercise. Through diet helps lower bad cholesterol. Meanwhile, exercise helps improve good cholesterol in the blood.

Have cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins, but this drug is not considered safe for pregnancy because it can be transmitted to the fetus and cause harm
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