Contact with many color helps children smarter


Children under 4 months old has shown their style colors. Some children have behavior elation with a single color, while the other children like some color.

Contact with many color helps children smarter

Dr Anna Franklin in Surrey Baby Lab (UK) has conducted research among 250 infants on complaints colors. Franklin used a number of technical tests to determine how children see color and attitude with a favorite color. One technique that is your baby look the same color several times, then switch to a different color and observe the second color to attract the attention of children. A different technique is to use specialized camera equipment to monitor eye movements of children, to see the color of the two colors next to each other is seen most children.

“If you look blue many times, children will react to it the same way they look back at one go. But when he changed to green, children proved more excited and start to focus sight means. This shows the ability to distinguish colors of the child, meaning that the brain understands that “blue” is essentially only one color, “Franklin’s analysis.

When the color is set in pairs, babies tend to look blue, red, purple and orange the most, while the brown and gray is the least. They also rarely seen brown before it is next to other color, color is not proved attractive children. Children to live in the room of beautiful colors like pale blue, pale yellow, orange, IQ higher than normal, sensitive young and more innovative. In the room with color as hard as black, white, brown, child’s IQ is lower than reacting more slowly.

If parents know what color they like best, they will paint your child’s room and buy toys, clothes with that color. However, it is best for children exposed to the color range to develop the perfect, “Franklin said.

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  1. This is interesting. I remember my daughters gravitated towards anything bright when they were babies. I always had bright color toys for them and they were active and cheery kids. It just never clicked that the bright colors enhance their developement skills. Great post!