Mom enjoyed the your contact book. Not because this is the “means”  the mother and teacher examine, that long, it’s like a souvenir book journey striving, your education.

Contact book- Story about parenting of a Mom

The very first page, book captured the hearts of parents by the words: Parents and he best ones, like best to be paste here. Then the second page, third mother pulled: information on height, weight, health, habits, favorite things, school work, at home .. of you.

Today summarized the semester, I brought to sign the contacts. Your teacher write : this month you be polite to teachers, a lot of effort and take an exam achieve good results.

I remember last year, because you are lazy, so I lost the title of good students, almost did not have the moderately good of student. Teacher said to me: “Unfortunately for you too, because I did not strive to learn with true ability.”

The last page of the contact book last year, the teacher had written, a good, intelligent and honest. With you, the right, wrong is always definitely.

The mother is not required to reach 9 points, 10 points. Just learning the true with your ability and try to exercise every day is better that make mother is happy.

Tonight, when I flip contact book written communications prepared thank your teacher, suddenly found on page 5, where the recorded wishes of students, in pencil the words you were deleted, but still read the words “I wish I learn better.” Thank contact book. Thanks to it that mother, your teacher and you have a place to exchange feelings. There is a place for children said the secrets, dreams and aspirations as well as striving to achieve.

This contact book mother with you will keep growing up to tomorrow, to read, you understand that right from childhood, you were interested in and share your cherished one to respect and love.


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