Choose to play with children (1-4 years)


Stage 1-2 years old, children have gradually dynamic. Baby can run, jump, climb climb, talk, singing all day do not know tired of doing it.

Mom and child are learning to clap

Baby can do much the same time, for example, the baby has attentively to a good toy, just walk with you. Ministry also has the ability to solve their own problems in a flexible, for example, the baby will climb (or cows) to somewhere you think the baby is safe. Ministry also like using your hands, open to invited guests at home.

Role of parents: You should be patient if the baby like “turn horizontal,” search and explore the things around when walking with their parents. This age, children are strongly attracted to the interesting, especially those items look beautiful. Therefore, you should help children sort objects is safe, children are allowed to contact, things do not. Ministry also too small to cope with the problems occur as baby touches a hand to cup of hot water or the baby does not know to avoid the car moving on the road … You should also help children in isolation with electricity, the wire or the power outlet in the house.

Family fun for children 1-2 years old: the Ministry will enjoy if you are self-touching limbs to play the items related to baby furniture usually found in the house. You can purchase these items play has flowers, phone or sample fruit for the baby. This also helps children identify and remember the name of objects.

Baby learn with Stroller

Baby is very happy to play in the water (and soap) in a bowl (or cup) clean the bathroom. You can also choose for the baby items to break (plastic or plastic) to interest children with shower.

Confused with the also all baby laughing. You can move your hands in all the legs, creating characters that speak to the baby. Handy if you should paint (or embroidery)’s eyes, face to all the old pair (not used anymore) and play with friends.

You can challenge the baby cows (go) through the tunnel that you create with a hard cover box. If this tunnel large enough level, you can go along with the child tunnels. In addition, you can also help children decorate the outside of the tunnel with pen and colored pieces gradually.

Games find parts of the body. “Cape of where?”, “Hair’s Where?”, “Mouth of the first … the question is simple and you can share with friends. If the baby well, you should recommend baby ask questions with you.

Toys refer you bought for the baby:

– The block’s plastic and wood.

– Hair and pushing, pushing the car for the baby.

– The objects can be floating.

Stage 2-3 years old

This stage, children continue to develop physical strength. End to age 3, children become fully confident and know to run, jump right. Baby can fall or have trouble because the sport but parents should not because this baby which prohibit campaign.

Language and communication abilities of children continue to be enhanced. About 2,5 years old, many children start with better skills in using pencil, colored pencil or pen type color to draw.

About 3 years old, children can participate in the group you play without the supervision from the parents. Baby started to like the game and pretend can join theatricalize with parents in an activity

Baby with dad are playing

Role of parents: You should encourage children to participate in social activities such as playing with your baby. You should not expect the spirit of fair play in children, because about 2 years old, the baby can be uncomfortable for the baby or do not want to emphasize sharing toys for you.

You may notice, the baby starts like “contentious” with others. This is completely normal when children want to confirm ownership of the body.

You can also encourage children to share in the home. Thu move, fold and count clothing will stimulate mathematical ability in children. About 2 ½ years old, the baby the ability to distinguish those items that match each other, creating a set of clothes for example.

Playing with the baby: Around the time between 2-3 years old, children will learn about 50 words per month. This is an important stage in the skills development of child language. The fun activities suitable for children this stage is:

– Animal Sounds: You can select music or other types of toys for the baby sounds (if the baby is exposed to the sounds of real animals is the best). Then, ask your child “English animals h? What children?”, The baby will identify the sounds of animals is the most accurate.

– “What happens next?” the question you should use to stimulate intellectual tò opens when you read to children hear a story.

– “I do not have the right?” You just hand to your nose and say: “This is your mother’s eyes. I say it correctly?” If children recognize the error, you should explain to children.

Toys refer you buy for baby

– Paper and pen color drawing, writing table and pen.

– Types of toys arranged image.

– Toys with button keyboard like a computer, keyboard piano out …

Stage 3-4 years old

Ministry has independent than many. You may notice, like baby mimic the activities from your friends. Many studies demonstrate that, during this stage, children start to form ideas of games for any boy, any treatment for the baby girl …

Role of parents: You should play for the baby variety, should not prohibit the type of “doll for baby girls, cars for baby boys.” In addition, you also should not be laughing when the baby girl processors like the type of map for the boy.

This age, children need more space for sport and running. You should take the baby out of play whenever possible.

Playing with the baby:

– Games get pizza: You use a toy phone, made by customer request and delivery pizza baby.

– Create a TV from the box Hard Cover; then, you children to show on TV.

– Surf the web with baby: You can select the page of pictures, toys, games suitable for children 3-4 years old. This age, children can use the keyboard and mouse with the simple task if you are directed.

– Place in paper clothes, hat, bag (old clothes), to, you can create a baby with Queen, King, Lord of the legacy label.

– Playing to sell it: You are the customer and to the baby standing in the stalls are good toys to the eye.

Toys refer you buy for baby

– The game models restaurants, schools, restaurants, clothing stores …

– Games fit pair, both developing thinking skills has the ability to increase the flexibility of movement for the baby.

– Games with the doll as the doll dress, eat, go out … suitable for baby girls. The model of tank, automobile, aircraft …