Choose safe toys for baby


Toys are important in the development of children. However, you should choose carefully when buying and using them not to endanger the baby.

baby with safe toys


With children under 2 years old, you should pay attention to size and weight of the toys first. Not choose to buy the kind with small sizes, including many parts can be separated, and the baby can stuck, choke for them in the mouth.

You can check the size by try on toys outside piece. Avoid all kinds of toys circle, small or as members of the category are original, edgy, sharp can score scratch broken.


To see toys that are harmful if not may fall on the baby does not, if you see the heavy hand, the best items should be moved through other toys.

Sure fire

Should regularly check the type of toys for children have been peeling off , torn, fails or separate parts. You should also be careful with the types of stuffed animals have ribbon or thread, or admits details are uncertain, the baby can snatch ear, tail, ear and eye for animals into the mouth.


Not choose to buy all kinds of toys with PVC (a type of plastic is not good for health) because children love bites, toys inserted into the mouth and can be affected by this material (refer to the instruction quality on each product to identify toys containing PVC or not).

The type toys use his (her) baby usually does not guarantee quality. You should not save the baby but for the type of use has expired use fails … can be harmful to children when playing.

Toys not have the chain 30cm long

Baby may be the chain of this book to the game. If the baby, you should avoid all of the chain in the fingertips or just be. You should also remove the type of small toys hanging around your baby’s bow.

Do not buy these types of toys with attached magnet

The magnet in the toy can detach and the baby will be stuck when they put into the mouth. Ministry will have to swallow very dangerous because the bar magnet makes this easy twist, bowel clip baby if not treated timely.

Be careful with toys that noise

The types of toys that the big noise can damage your baby’s hearing. With the baby’s birth, so choose the type of musical love.

Note hygiene

The types of toys made of cotton material, fabric … you should regularly wash clean and dry for Sun. The types of plastic, wood and you should note cleaning clean. Avoid infections spread from toys to baby body.

Some suggestions to choose to buy toys

– Ministry of 0-12 months old: Choose foods with soft cloth, rubber of good quality for children can play comfortably. This stage, children are very sensitive to sound, you can choose the type of music to have fun baby.

This is the period the baby develop visual, you can type hanging toys how eyes move about 30cm baby to the baby can see. Note not selected the category with garish colors easily cause aches all aspects of the baby, also choose not to have great weight, to prevent the baby to fall.

– The period over 12 months old: Depending on the development phase you can choose to purchase these types of baby toys suitable, provided they are safe and useful with children

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