Choose toys for children is an art. Patricia Koh, Principal of a private kindergarten, said: “Toys are tools to help children begin to familiarize yourself with the play, increasing the skills of our nature and enhance the imagination for the baby. ”

The toys your baby too lost power to stop after only a half hour will reduce the value of play. Electronic toys are not necessary, especially for children under 2-3 years old. What parents think their actions are right when buying the toys exceed the age of the children also need to think again. “Children develop in several stages, if we ignore any one step in the future will be interrupted in accordance some way only.”

From 0 to 1 years: Learning to explore and move

Age characteristics:

Cheryl Chia, managing director site, a channel of information online to help parents monitor the development process for child told children under 1 age focus on developing a vision and the ability balance the body, as well as the coordination between hand and eye.

Patricia concurred: “This is the age of the movement to meet and enjoy the baby is exposed to everyone around. Most of the baby role play at this stage are related to the movement: pull, push, throw, hold, or typing up a review something. “When babies can control the skills balance exercise, they will realize that the ball spins while the shake drum will play the sounds very noisy.

These toys help your child develop cognitive ability is very useful.

These toys help your child develop cognitive ability is very useful.

This is the time your baby slowly discover your senses, Cara Wong – CEO of Growing Fun – have confirmed that: “These toys are structural, such as books or blocks classified image, it is common variables because they stimulate the senses and easy cleaning.

Appropriate toys:

– Tag color Reflective with opposite colors, especially the typical black – red – white. Baby can identify enough of the color from 6 to 7 months.

– Shake drum to encourage movement limbs. Such as a tintinnabulum hold the feet will help to make firm muscle of abdomen stimulating baby coordinate both hands and feet when playing.

– The colorful cushion to help her have more time to exercise your body energy balance by trying to roll, crawl.

– The big book of pictures, colors.

– Toys with fabric, silk.

Some nice toys:

1 to 2 years: Development of personality and cognitive

Children over 1 year starting playing with the blocks classified requires dexterity

Age characteristics:

At this age, children begin to understand what is happening around you. In addition to reinforce the ability to mobilize body, Cheryl also said that children also Stage to say. Also in this period your baby begins aware “ego” of yourself. Cara, Growing Fun Company, said: “This is the time your baby begins to develop his own personality, start learn things like” I’m a son “, ” I can touch, touch this!”, ” I like this “…

She said that the popular toys are often the simple rate war, can only 2-3 pieces grafted to love and help your child or baby collective habits longer concentrated on previously. Cara added: “The puppets were very effective when used to tell stories and help your baby’s imagination sublimation.”

Appropriate toys:

– The ball is thrown to the baby, taking, and rocks.

– Toys requires skillful hands as the small block rate requires organizing, or non-toxic wax pencil – you know, the baby can begin to try to draw from 10-13 April at age only know!

– Painting Puzzles simple (2-3 pieces).

– Hardcover book with tunes and songs can be accompanied by encouraging reading and studious habits strengthen love between parent and baby.

– The toys illustrate relations reasons – the results. For example, when you press a button, then the volume will appear before the eyes.

You can find this toys for your baby in:

2 to 3 years: language development and ham to learn, to explore

Age characteristics:

This is the time that you begin to use different words to express the thinking. Nurture your baby’s language skills by reading to the baby, sharing many stories with your baby is very necessary work. Patricia said: “This is step baby will develop from a child under an individual is thinking, perception and wills of their own. Ironically, the main characteristic that also makes a child 2 years old are psychologically very confusing, but everything that she wants only to discover how the world operates around and she can take into the how. ”

2-3 years old, reading to baby is also a fun activity.

Ability to mobilize the body has also been improved to the baby will love the open and closed something, then get put out, cutting speed, wonderful drawings or construction. “By learning the ham very nature, children this age often enjoy the toys that can be disassembled, repaired, shuffled and linked them,” Patricia provide more.

This is discrimination at the start of the game between the son and daughter very clear. Cara says boys are attracted by easy car or train fire by “innate son tends to favor the mechanical item”. Daughter is feeling much better, will be interested in soft toys. It’s also good for that if you try to balance between the two world through them play toys sent by the other, such as for girls to build toys and comment Teddy Bear for boys.Appropriate toys:

– The game construction.

– Toys with multiple pieces can be attached to each other.

You find some toys below:



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