Choice clothing for baby


Cotton – great material for children

Any mother is expecting a child to become the most beautiful paradise in the world, but not to natural mysterious book by fashion. Clothes for baby and convenience to the appropriate seasonal, baby will not like the times change clothes similar to the exercise perforce.

Choice clothing for baby

Closet full of baby, they are the gift of friends, relatives available natural gift for the small but not all are suitable for children. In the first week, do not force children like “Top Model” ads on magazines, the priority should be handy for you as well as children themselves. Neck and holes bore armpit large, easy to wear baby not go back to the back lot.

Climate and temperature affect how your baby’s wear. When It’s hot, shirt, shirt related materials with the cotton is very appropriate. When cold weather, children should wear clothing associated with cotton fabric , waistcoat, pants or shirt of all relevant match. The clothing with fabric combined with advantages washing dry faster and does not require but is not suitable for sensitive skin of children.

Choose clothing smart

Avoid choosing clothing go first because this type of clothing do baby crying and tired, it’s best to choose a clothes (the pin stud on armpit). When the baby to wear clothes, you put 3 fingers in the right sleeve and gently grasp the baby is always on hand in the clothing . Do the same with the left, avoid making your baby’s fingers are out of joint.

The safety principles when wearing clothes for baby

* Do not select  clothes that collar attach the chain or decoration as they may be garrotte your baby  .

* Recommended clothing with pin stud  not press-stud.

* Avoid choosing long fur wool products by children can encounter dangerous when inhaled to the wool fur.

* Clothing made from raw wool often causes irritation baby’s skin.

* Check the material of the clothes have not fiery.

* Withdrawal of the thread in excess border, they can do fingers and legs baby damage.

* When washing, your baby’s clothing should be washed clean all soap, avoid using products such as water phase more far-out soft cloth,  purged water

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