Choice appropriate toys help baby develop


Grasp, throw, hold objects, stand, go, climb like climbing, running … Toys help children develop skills and observation. From birth to more than 1 year old, baby changing very quickly. Parents should be based on the characteristics of each period to buy toys appropriate to encourage the ability to campaign and observe your baby’s

From 0-6 months

Ministry of the attention the move of all in the eyes of flexibility, understanding, throw, endure objects, that turn, the sitting started.

Baby toys- Choice appropriate toys help baby develop

-You should see the baby of the new pictures, music, the baby tempted by hand, the use of children for a while with two hands, not playing, hide and seek

Toys should buy: play gym, vacillating, and shake, shake rounds, small fabric ball, the wooden dishes round out for when baby bites itch gums.

Baby toys-Choice appropriate toys help baby develop

Stage sit (6 months)

Ministry began sitting quite firmly and the toys.
Mother for the baby to play, the campaign repeated once more in, the children focus on the game, try to meet the exigency of the baby, to see the baby’s picture book animals, fruit, for baby fun music, dancing.Toys should buy, in, out type small car, image processing is moved manually.

Phase cows (10 months)

Baby Toys - Choice appropriate toys help baby develop

Two hands the baby begins to know, separating it coherent, that being the parent search, start the stand, like climbing, seize to chairs to tables.
Mother to the baby play in what campaigns are all relatives, on the front, get the balance, the child’s placement that the right course.

Toys should be bought, in large flocks piano baby, car seize exile, the image block placement (duplo), the ratings of the husband square wood or fabric.

Stage to know (1 year)

Baby Toys - Choice appropriate toys help baby develop

Start the baby go, cast a strong hand objects the floor, players can throw the ball to open, curious, the destruction, climbing climb.
For children should remember the shape, position objects, the portliness game, two hands to grasp the kid straight.

Toys: pictures of the machines, go cart, the slider, and other toys help campaign body
Baby toys

Stage go well, the run (1.5 years)

Baby concern to many things around, to open, the use of two-hand playing, with the bankruptcy notice, require a parent to react sad, happy, angry.

Baby toys - Choice appropriate toys help baby develop

Please play stimulates the imagination of children, the children think search objects, praise, encourage children play, the players know the baby alone, the baby knows pouring it from cup to another cup, the cup mode of using the equipment.

Baby toys- Choice appropriate toys help baby develop

Toys: doll, stuffed animals, play sand, play every map, assemble the color image, the large demand enough chain, water playground, a car for your baby (car seat, rotate the hand drive, stop deportation).
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