Children watching television, how to correct?


Television was considered popular entertainment and convenience, many parents rather than spending time playing with their children,  they decided watching TV with them many hours. Undeniable entertainment value of television, especially for children.

If you ask 10 kids, all 10 responded that they enjoyed watching television. In addition to entertaining children after school stress, television also helps children learn a lot of hay, give children more useful knowledge. However, what has the left side of it, especially when the current television programs increasingly rich, diverse, and children increasingly tend to paste close eyes on the screen before the ignorance of adults.

There are girls, see you on television hats motorcycle insurance when the next day also requires certain parents to shop for their new hats then sit in the car. These are boys  requires milk shaped into superheroes to be superheroes, requires parents to buy detergent-like clip ad last night to wash clean the stain on clothes. So to say that television can do to impact the behavior of young. Issues raised today is how to limit the bad effects of television on children.

Children watching television, how to correct?
Collective habits for children watching television just after the study is complete and up to bedtime is to turn off television

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American Academy of Pediatrics recommends: Do not for children under 2 years old watch television, children over age 2 should only watching television one hour per day. Avoid television in your child’s room is one way to control time and program content for appropriateness the baby.

Many doctors said: “In the clinic, I listened to many complaints by parents before the child’s unusual behavior such as hospitality: active, violent, wake midnight, even with the expression of sexual behavior. And television is not “not to be involved” in this case. Currently, there are many on television entertainment programs dedicated to children, but not without the program, the films hitting screens full of ice, violence, the question swear that adult hard can control the monitoring of their children. If your child frequently exposed to these images, the generated acts of violence such as hitting, punching, biting parents, siblings, friends, is inevitable.

Ads with pictures of food or alcohol, children will be easy for that type of alcohol or food that is healthy things, eating things only on television ads that refuses to eat vegetables.

Besides the harmful effects of psychological and television also have affected the health of children. Watching television too much, sitting too close or too open to television will negatively affect vision and smell not fully developed. Children view television tend lazy movement, less exposure to sunlight, weight gain easily lead to obesity, passive, can not afford social interaction. In addition, “addicted” television cause children away from good habits such as reading, playing sports and children lose focus in their studies and homework.


Watching television, how to correct?

Indeed, watching television can help children to know more new knowledge but may negatively affect the development of psychological and physical child. Therefore, parents need directions for how children watching television and time management view of children:

– Encourage children to view programs meaningful education, avoid the movie or adult movie is the nature of violence. Parents should sit together watching television with children, selecting the program or for you and explain things on television that the baby is not understood.

– Not watching television in time to eat.

– Encourage children to participate in indoor activities such as playing, reading.

– Tap routines for children watching television just after the study is complete and up to bedtime is to turn off television. Sitting a television screen at least 1 meter

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