Adults should sleep 7-9 hours per day, children 1-2 years old need 11-14 hours, 13-18 year-old age group also was advised to rest 8-10 hours.

Children at risk for sleep deprivation series of mental problems and physical, even some serious illnesses. According to CBS News, the American Academy of Pediatrics has published new guidelines on children’s sleep, conducted by 13 health professionals.



Babies 4-12 months: sleep 12-16 hours a day (including naps).

Children 1-2 years old: sleep 11-14 hours a day (including naps).

Children 3-5 years old: Sleeping 10-13 hours a day (including naps).

Kids 6-12: Sleeping 9-12 hours a day.

Children 13-18 years old: Sleeping 8-10 hours a day.

Adults aged 18 years and older: Sleeping 7-9 hours per day.

No recommendations for children under 4 months of age by the time of the baby rested in this period is very diverse and there is not enough research to conclude.

Dr. Lee Brooks from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, said children would behave adequate sleep, concentration, learning, memory, emotions better conditioned. Conversely, lack of sleep leads to injury, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, depression and many other issues.

Today our sleep is affected by modern technology. Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends not use electronic devices before bedtime at least 30 minutes, and parents should throw away television, computers, mobile phones away from the child’s bedroom by the light from the screen stimulate alertness. This is not easy because today’s youth are familiar with electronic devices, but parents should actively negotiate with you. “If a child needs to listen to music before going to bed, take out a certain amount of time outside of the bedroom,” Brooks suggests. Similarly with online games.

Let’s create a healthy sleep habits for your child from an early age by brushing, reading with children and going to bed at a fixed hour. Remember that just as sleep, body and mind to perform new functions are important. “We should leave as soon as lazy sleeping concept. It is indispensable and we need to respect sleep,” concludes Brooks


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