There are many different views about when the baby should be familiar with Cheese.

1. Feeding Time Cheese

Cheese for baby: Some information for parentsThe types of cheese are derived from milk, which is “concentrated” should have protein, fat, calcium is especially high. Thus, feeding cheese to add protein, fat and calcium is good for your baby’s health. In particular, the cheese does not contain sugar, so the children can not drink milk due to lactose intolerance, the cheese used is also very good alternative.

There are many different views about when the baby should be familiar with Cheese. The dietitian in the UK, said that about 6 months, baby can eat cheese. But some American experts suggested, for her parents should be familiar with this dish when she was about 8 months old. In addition, a few said that the group cheese from cow’s milk products safe for baby, only one years of age (because of the potential allergen for children with the local group sensitive to cow’s milk).

So if the baby appears strange signs Cheese eating, parents need to temporarily stop immediately and consult your doctor.

2. Note feedings cheese

– Just do not eat cheese will not ensure nutrition for the baby. So, should I eat cheese as a snack, or in combination with other products such as spreads on bread, mix the flour, porridge … just added to energy, has the vitamins and minerals from other dietary sources of rice soup.

– Eat cheese is often made her the mother of fullness so restrict feeding at bedtime.

– When the new are feeding cheese, should aim at feeding hungry , it would be easier.

– Help baby ‘love’ more cheese if the cheese into the flour / porridge every day, parents choose appropriate foods such as potatoes, carrots, beef, chicken, shrimp. Cheese should not cook with foods such as crab, eel, vegetables, spinach, spinach.

– Protein in cheese is very high. If cheese cooked with meat, fish, eggs, mothers need to be adjusted depending on the amount of physical fit each child (to avoid cases of multiple protein, excess protein). Invariably child did not eat meat, fish, feeding just 2 tablets is enough cheese.

– Cheese can be stored in the cool compartment of refrigerator . Do not use plastic bags to wrap the bad because members were eating cheese fat in cheese can stick to the toxic chemicals found in plastic bags.


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