Care mother and baby in first week

This time, the baby’s eyes are quite open. Baby can see the objects in very close, within a radius of 20-25cm; so, the baby can only view your mother’s face when friends near real baby.

Mother care in the first week

Not too worried when the baby does not look straight into the face mother: Most baby “queer” occupies a threshold on the face as mothers eyebrow, hair and mouth move. About 1 month old, the baby started to change with the same eyes mother. Studies demonstrate, the children are interested see the faces of people and things with color high contrast black and white.

Should create opportunities for children are close to face as a parent when the child “for”, you try to lurch from the top to the other, smiling eyes and look at the baby. This exercise helps the eyes of children to ensure healthy.

You also should not be too worried if the baby has eyes look slightly cross. Most types look at this cross is a normal baby until the baby is about 4 months old.

Baby is quite sensitive to light and can be observed 3 types of sizes, so you can see baby pink when bringing a dish toys near the baby face.

Signs baby feeding enough

Most mothers have concerns about, the baby’s feeding it enough or not because, the baby seems to appear in feeling hungry all day. Some signs to help you get the baby was feeding enough is elected by mothers chest seems “empty”; baby’s skin with bright color, firm and level out good when you push hands (if the baby can be water is lost when you press your fingers lightly on your baby’s skin, baby skin will be signs wizen in a short time) you can hear the baby swallowing milk (as a quiet room); by the baby with yellow color or news about the baby making 6-8 wet diapers a day. The next month, the baby developed in height and weight.

Status stool in children

A few days after was born, children are often targets green news because, in part contains meconium – available in the bowel when the baby is in mother abdomen. When the baby is “the mother” and meconium was gradually pushed out, the baby’s started to switch to yellow, but color can be changed daily (based on the nutrition of mothers and children by absorption ). There are days, the baby’s become more soft, look like being diarrhea.

Baby’s birth can spend 8-12 times per day but only if the baby “to” once a day is nothing worrying.

Securities jaundice in the baby’s birth

If you use your fingers to push the nose or feel your baby’s, you can check the baby with infected skin of gold or not. If the baby has x?n skin color, you should see signs of jaundice in the baby’s. Gold status is the most powerful skin within 2-3 days after the baby was born. Most cases of jaundice and will disappear when the baby was about 2 weeks old.

Cause: Ministry’s have more red than the needs of children; more, your baby’s liver is immature so the color gold (also called bilirubin – a product of red) could be put in the blood. A section was libirubin waste out through the end but not often. Therefore, over half of a baby born with skin of gold in many different levels within the first 2 weeks.

Some children have breastfeeding jaundice of the baby not receiving enough breast milk. Jaundice by breastfeeding baby will naturally disappear within 2 weeks after the baby was born (because, of bilirubin was fraudulent waste out through your baby’s waste). Experts recommend that mothers should be for baby feeding baby learning to waste the amount of bilirubin out.

Most cases of jaundice in the baby’s not harmful and does not need treatment. Your doctor may do blood tests to check the amount of bilirubin for the baby, taken by a small amount of blood in your baby’s heel.

Health Care mother

Approximately 2-4 days after birth, your milk will “on”, can cause chest tense situation (before the baby can use the nutrition of milk called non) – meanwhile, voted as often with chest swelling (soft or hard and hot over).

You should avoid impact “raw wants to chest area as they can cause pain. Situation tense chest only temporary and can be adjusted by feeding the baby often. In addition, following some tips also help you more comfortable:

– Bath under warm water shower.

– Use a warm piece antlers (soft cotton towels, embedded in warm water) to elect chest massage every time you feeding the baby.

– Wrestling each milk each small chest before the baby “for”, because a strained chest b?u baby making it difficult to hold chest of the mother. Then, the baby is difficult to preserve milk – factors to increase the pain in the mother.

– Dismantling bra, when necessary. Many mothers maintain routine wear bra when you go to sleep. This only makes the vote more and more chest.

– For baby “the mother” 2-3 hours a month old. You should not avoid feeding the baby because the pain is fear you as much for feeding the baby, you are more than pain.

– Drink enough water to prevent your body lose water and help maintain the milk production success.

– For baby feeding alternatives both sides of chest.

– Use a cool piece antlers to apply compresses chest after feeding the baby.