Buy and use the feeding bottle


Feeding bottle is familiar objects in the process of raising children. So, choose a bottle has been cleaning, just appropriate an important role.

The following suggestions from Askmun when you want to buy and use the bottle:

Buy and use the feeding bottle

This depends on the bottle once a day. Most of these comments are designed to do two sizes: 120ml and 225ml. First, go buy a pair of smaller average size. You do not need to buy average size baby stand steady on one’s legs.

Select tools accompanying

Even if you use a bottle for containing mother’s milk or formula milk, you also need to buy extra bottles along the disinfection of water and bottle washing equipment. Also, if possible, please buy a milking machine, milk bags in dedicated storage freezer.

Nipple silicone or rubber plastic

Rubber plastic elastic good while silicone nipples are extremely durable material. Select any type, your choice. But remember to check nipples regularly to detect signs of damage in time. Nipple was broken baby can cause fails or the tiny fragments will be mixed into milk or milk flowing hole to make too much milk was flowing out in a moment.

The speed of milk flow: slow, medium or fast

Slow speed is best for babies. Many manufacturers mark the nipple, with number 1 run at the least.

Special nipples

If baby were abdominal pain, look to buy anti-colic nipple. The goal is to limit the amount of air into the bottle to baby’s mouth.
When will replace nipples?

Milk should be flowing out of the bottle to nipple. If it flows to the line and big hole then it was time nipples need to be replaced. Nipple discolored, torn or dirty old should be replaced.

Based on age: if the baby by bottle-feeding, you should buy a few types have the smallest to choose. You need to buy to suit each child’s age.

Plastic or glass bottle

Many parents worry about the safety of low average as purchasing plastic containing PVC, the potential risk of toxic when heated. Therefore, they choose the glass for safety. This is not really accurate. Bottles are manufactured with high standards of safety and security is largely plastic, no contains  PVC.

Safe way to preserve milk in the bottle

Health information latest indications, bottle should be used immediately after each phase. If going out, you need to carry boxes of milk and warm water, as needed milk is mixed with warm water and baby use immediately.

To breast milk in the bottle can be stored at normal room temperature up to 4 hours; is 3-5 days in the refrigerator and freezer can last up to 12 months.

How warm milk safety

If the milk cool between them, can soak the bottle in a jar or a bowl of boiling water. Or you warm bottles in 4-6 minutes. But should not use the heat from the microwave oven to heat the milk unevenly, can burn your baby’s mouth.

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