Toys not only bring joy but also very important in the development of the baby. However, the number of accidents  to baby by unsafe toys are not too rare. Risk from choking on toys is often seen with children under 3 years old because baby tends to put toys in their mouths.

Buy and preservation baby toy safety

Manufacturers have age guidelines attached to each specific product. But it is important, parents should still be cautious when buying toys for children.

General guidelines when buying toys:

– Toys made of fabric should be noted that fire, did not catch fire.
– Stuffed toys should be easy to clean.
– Paint toys should be noted is non-toxic paints.
– Colored pencil is not so toxic.

Be careful with old toys, buy toys or furniture made by hand. These toys may cost less, but sometimes do not meet safety standards and become dangerous.

Make sure toys for ages larger than your child. The noise of a vibration toy or electronic music may be reputed as the honking (even bigger) that when baby applied them directly into the ear can cause hearing loss.

Here are some age specific guidance note:

– Look for toys that are sure them to withstand pulling and twisting. Be sure that eyes, nose, buttons and other parts can not be broken.
– Make sure squeeze toys, vibration, teething toys for baby is big enough to not get stuck in baby mouth.
– Avoid toys with long strings or cords because they may suffocate the baby.
– Avoid thin plastic toys that can break into small pieces.
– Avoid marbles, coins and games with balls with a diameter less than 4cm because they can cause suffocation.

Keep toys safe at home:

After buying a toy, you need to know how to preserve and use toys safely at home. The best way is to monitor the baby fun. Also, play with baby or teach baby how to play it safe but still fun.

Parents should:

– Check toys regularly to make sure toys are not damaged or unusable.
– Wooden toys is not much debris to fall off.
– Bikes and outdoor toys should not have rust.
– Do not leave toys outdoor so they are not exposed to rain or shine.

Need to keep toys clean. Some plastic toys can be cleaned in the dishwasher. But should read the manufacturer’s instructions first. Or you can mix soap (or water washing dishes) in a spray bottle and spray used to clean toys. Toys, wash with water several times after that.

Dangerous Toys

Fireworks, matches, balloons, sharp scissors identity toy group is not safe.



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