Almost everyone knowns that Breastfeeding your baby is one of the best things you can do for their development. There is no disputing the evidence of this fact because of the enormous amount of research that proves it to be true.

However there are many mothers who don’t breastfeed and rely on formula milk due to time constraints and either a lack of opportunities to breast feed, or a simple desire to not submit themselves to breast feeding their baby.

Breastfeeding tips: Is It Right for You

Therefore the mother should make up her mind before her baby is born how exactly she will be feeding her baby. She can’t start to bottle feed and then change her mind, because the supply of milk soon diminishes if it is not used.

The benefits of breast milk

The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends the use of breast milk especially for those babies who are born premature or become sick. Breast milk is less likely to trigger any allergic reactions from a newborn baby because not only is breast milk natural, it is also something that is a part of both the baby and his mother.

Another advantage of using breast milk is the huge savings made in not having to buy formulae. Breast milk is free, and it is there on constant demand. Your child will love it, whereas there may be some formulas they take a dislike to.

Breast milk also contains natural antibodies; these antibodies are passed from the mother to the baby and help to protect him from infection.

Breast milk is very easily digested, because it is so natural, very little of it is wasted, and he is receiving all the nutrients he needs.

Breast feeding helps the mother lose weight. it uses up calories, and helps to trim the figure by pulling the womb back into shape.

If breastfeeding is not possible

Despite the numerous advantages for breastfeeding, there are still some mothers who either choose to not breast feed, or are unable to do so for specific reasons.

  • They may not produce enough milk to satisfy the baby. Some mothers can’t produce enough milk and though they may want to breastfeed their baby, their milk supply forces them to stop
  • There are some mothers who hate the pain of the suck reflex when their baby is feeding. Their nipples may swell and become sore because which makes it even more painful.
  • Many women go back to work soon after delivering their baby; this means they are unable to feed their baby even if they wish too. Very often pumping milk becomes a chore and they opt for formulae.
  • The mother may become ill or have a specific disease which prevents her from feeding her baby; she may be taking specific medicines which would be dangerous for her child.

Whatever the reason, it’s important that mothers are not made to feel like second class citizens if they do decide to bottle feed their child.


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