Pregnancies are a new epoch of a female’s life. The female’s body changes drastically, and special care is required to guarantee that the fetus grows into a healthy child. Unfortunately (for some mothers), this means that some food and drinks need to go. Your entire way of life can change simply because you’ll need to be a lot more careful. You shouldn’t drink alcohol, take drugs, smoke, or any other harmful activity that may cause damage to the fetus.

Mental health is another thing that can influence a child’s health and brain development. If the mother isn’t mentally stable or she’s too stressed out, then she runs the risk of potentially harming the child unintentionally.

Mother’s mental state

We said that the mother’s mental state plays a key role in fetus development. If the mother is not entirely healthy and has certain mental issues, then there’s a chance that the child will be born with some issues as well. Consider seeking help and trying out various methods that help with dealing with certain mental issues.

Fetal brain development

The fetus requires special care in order to grow healthy. A lack of various highly important nutrients can cause negative effects on fetal brain development. Be careful when choosing your diet and activities. Activities that have a higher potential for accidents should be avoided if possible.

Be mindful of mercury

Mercury is a double-edged sword. In one case, when taken in small amounts, it can be quite beneficial. In the other case, when taken in larger amounts, it can cause immense damage to the nervous system. So if you plan on eating fish, eat fish that is low in mercury and don’t eat too much. Both you and your unborn child can experience mental problems.

Avoid cannabis

We understand that some of our readers smoke cannabis, whether for medical reasons or recreational ones. Some states allow the use of cannabis, and that’s okay. But when it comes to pregnancies, avoid it at all costs. Smoke is never good for the child in your belly no matter what you might think about cannabis. Avoid it!

Avoid alcohol

This goes without saying: Alcohol is bad for you in almost all cases. Beer is good in small amounts; wine is great for blood – but it should always be taken in moderate or small amounts. However, do not drink alcohol if you’re pregnant because it will cause damage to the fetus. Continued usage can cause a plethora of medical problems, most of which are related to the brain.

Boost protein

Protein is great if you like working out and you want to grow some muscles. What you don’t know is that proteins are necessary for the healthy development of the fetus. Consider eating food that is rich in protein because both your child and you will receive the benefits from it.

Watch for food poisoning

Always check the expiration date on food you buy at a supermarket or grocery store. Food poisoning is a real issue that plagues millions of people all around the world. Pregnant women that contract food poisoning must visit the doctor immediately so they can figure out what’s wrong and what to do to remedy the problem.

Munch on fruits and veggies

Fruits and veggies are rich in various Vitamins; all of which are an important part of the development of the fetus. Boost all of your systems (immune, nervous, etc.) and give that baby everything it needs to grow up being healthy!


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