Block toys help children say better.


Children play block toys

Play with these blocks will help children to strengthen the ability of their language. It is also an effective substitute for just sitting TV.

The researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, has conducted experiments on 175 children from age 1,5 to 2,5 years old. Half of the children are playing with these blocks.

Parents will be guided on how children play with these blocks such as how to record logs about the activity of children in 4 days. Finally, they complete an assessment questions children on vocabulary, grammar and ability in another language.

Results showed that after 6 months, language points at the children playing plastic block 15% higher compared with groups not play.

Authors research Dimitri Christakis, for the freedom of playing with these blocks stimulates thinking, memory, and get things, at the time that the brain development of children quickly.

“That’s whose thoughts and language. Children of it will begin to cover the story or script for this objects.