If you want baby learn how to say sorry, first, parents need to set an example for children.

You should apologize when you do something wrong. Even do not hesitate to apologize to the few months baby in your home. Comes with it is to explain to them why she had to apologize. Depending on the age of your baby, you can make easily understood the reasons for the error. This helps children come to understand when an apology is necessary.

4 ways to teach children know to say sorry

4 other suggestions to help parents teach children know to say sorry:

1. Teach children to distinguish what is right – wrong

Always consistent in how to teach children a sense of the right – the wrong. This helps form a natural reflex is to know the error when child did something wrong.

2. Guide children apologized

You will be encouraged, even wheedle that make children apologize. But should not force them to do it. You can also let them aside and talked with and help her find the words to say in case an error like “I was sad because i make broken your toys”, “Do not intentionally break the glass” … instead of an apology.

3. Teach sincerely apologize

Need to explain to her baby’s fault, not the error be an apology so poorly, not from the heart. For example, she needs to look into the opposite, say sorry obviously and sincere.

4. Teach the hypothetical situations

The baby playing with the activities assumed, for example if child stepped on mother’s foot and asked child say sorry in this situation is necessary or not.


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