Best toys for teaching your child how to walk

You can take advantage of the product was used as the family’s manufacturing toys for baby and more importantly, teaching children how to create toys.

Baby learn walk

According to the solution, make sure you will contribute actively to create a baby toy store “unique”, not a two.

First, you try to use the individual mind and brain is rich imagination to think about your baby’s world. There are toys by their parents will make attractive individual.

The simple toy

To take the plastic bottle with lid tightly (baby can not be open). Pour a little water color or inserted into the bottle of multicolored paper.

Get a real box to decoration, colored both inside and outside the box – suggestions baby with fun games such as home, work or train prescription place to find.
Similarly, you can create interesting items to other players in the box to clean the baby self-ratings or the patent’s own.

In the case of small children and playing soccer, you get the baby bag and then pack seeds to dry in stages and carefully. Form in the bag can not roll away from the easy access to baby tag. In addition, in the same bag can also used to throw to as the circle, to kick a baby basket for a few minutes walk.

The toys to attract the attention of children

Collect all kinds of candy box small metal, coloring and decorating beautiful place in which some objects cause enough noise. Paste the lid closed, the baby will be curious for sound and color of the box.

Similarly, get plastic tube cylinder, put the some small gravel , bit tighten two. The baby will enjoy the sound of different dishes from this toy.

Toys fostering brain child of deducing

This is the type of toys help baby just entertainment and has developed intelligence. Collect images, paste-up cover and hard to suggest that children classified according to each pair: two men, two boats, two caps, two dogs … think brain’s baby will be fostered by gradually images of children that recognize and classify accurately.


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