Pregnancy Body Pillows – Why They Are Important

During the course of the 9 months expectant moms have to adjust to their changing lifestyle. As the body changes pregnancy most often, is associated with some or the other bodily discomforts which require special attention. I am sure, women who are expectant mothers would have heard of pregnancy body pillows in many maternity magazines if not from their OB-GYN.  A pregnancy body pillow basically helps to give comfort and support during sleeping hours. So, let us talk about what these are and how they can benefit any stresses during the trying times of your pregnancy.

The three various types of Leachco Body Pillows are the U-shaped, C-shaped and the J-shaped. Let’s compare the Leachco body pillow with the top body pillow brands.

1. U-shaped pillow

This includes the Comfort-U Body Pillow and Leachco Back ‘N Belly Pillow.  The Comfort-U Total Body Pillow Full Support Pillow CU9000  is a full body pillow that covers you from head to toe.  It lets you move while sleeping in any position you want allowing for versatility in any preferable sleeping position. You can reposition without any restraint. You may perhaps stay on your back, right side or left side.  It offers the support your whole body needs.

Best Body Pillow for Pregnancy 2017

Benefits of the Comfort-U body pillow for pregnancy:

  • It helps to avoid muscle and joint pain through supporting your head all the way to your toes.
  • You do not have to readjust the pillow from time to time whenever you turn from one side towards the other.
  • It allows you to have any position you like while sleeping.
  • It is exceptionally comfortable to use.

Leachco Back ‘N Belly – Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory is solely designed to provide full support for both the back and also the belly, as the name implies.  Although both pillows provide extra support, what is distinquishable about this pillow is that it is right for pregnant women who are having difficulty finding any comfortable position while sleeping.

Benefits of the Leachco Back ‘N Belly Body Pillow for pregnancy:

  • It simply eliminates your back, neck and leg pains, especially in waking up every morning.
  • It helps to eliminate indications of heartburn, nasal congestion as well as sciatica.
  • It supports your back and belly both simultaneously due to its full-length contoured sides.

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2. C-shaped pillows

Next, there are the C-shaped pillows which include the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow along with the Boppy Total Body Pillow, Neutral.  The Boppy Total Body Pillow is designed to be used for your entire body – from your head to your legs. One end is used instead of your normal pillow, while the other end goes between your legs to support your growing belly.  The pillow itself is thinner on one end and thicker at the other.  This is the perfect pillow if you find that the average body pillow is too big or too fluffy. This is a no nonsense pillow and there is not extra padding to get in your way. This is why it also works really well postpartum to help with nursing and sitting up in bed after you’ve had the baby.

Here are the listed benefits of the Boppy Total Body Pillow:

  • This pillow supports your neck, head and legs thus avoiding body and muscle discomfort.
  • It is thinner on one end and thicker on the other with no added padding to get in your way.
    • It’s also easy to maintain because it includes a detachable slipcover that may be removed and washed.
    • It also works well at postpartum for nursing and sitting up in bed.

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow permits you to use only a single pillow while providing you with the comfort of having several pillows at bedside.  To eliminate difficulty in breathing, this pillow lets you keep your head elevated.

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Benefits of the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow:

  • It simply supports your back, neck and belly with the purpose to relieve pains such as lower lumbar pain and also heartburn.
  • Extremely comfortable design contours to one’s body.
  • Multiple sizes possible with proper positioning.
  • It would likely still be used right after giving birth, as a feeding pillow.
    • It is simple to preserve. The cover of this pillow may be removed and washed.

3. J-shaped pillow

And last but certainly not the least, the J-shaped pillow has the Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow.

The Leachco All Nighter – Total Body Pillow – Ivory is for the neck, back, legs, hips as well as belly support. This one assists you to steer clear of soreness and discomfort for those parts. It is a combination of three various contoured shapes pillow all rolled into a single one.

Best Body Pillow for Pregnancy 2017

Benefits for the Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow:

  • It avoids stiff necks, back pains, leg pains, indigestion, as well as fibromyalgia.
    It presents a wide range of versatility for different resting positions.
  • The Leachco body pillow lends support for carpal tunnel syndrome, hemorrhoids and gastric reflux to name a few.
  • It could also possibly still be used after the pregnancy.

Do you have your pick now? Let me help you further more in deciding which is the most effective body pillow for pregnancy?

Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or muscle fatigue?  Then you must have Comfort-U Body Pillow.

If you tend to twist and turn too much during bedtime, you’ll be better off with the Leachco Back N Belly Body Pillow.

Do you have lower back pains, sciatica, baby kicking inside and difficulty in breathing?   Then you will need to buy the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow.

In case you want to give more support to your head and possibly allow for more room for your hubby then you definitely must use Boppy Total Body Pillow.

Are you having lumbar pain, leg swelling, neck stiffness and indigestion? Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow is right for you.

Identifying the best body pillow for pregnancy is one step away in giving much comfort and relaxation to each pregnant woman. With the support of these pillows, it’s easy getting a good night sleep!

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