Behave with your kid according to character

If you apply the same methods of education with two kid (with two different personalities) is very difficult to succeed. Important when you teach children to understand the mood of each baby.

Experts said that the nature of the baby may be born with, the baby to survive throughout life. Parents can refer to cope with the contradictory character form below, synthesized from Kaboose:

1. Be active / quiet

You try to quickly answer the questions below:

– Be less frequently move or campaign?

– Be able to sit still for a long time without discomfort or are restless baby, just love to be running?

If your baby moves less, sit still like the character of the baby is quiet; if the baby is always restless, athletic character of the baby is active.

Dynamic behavior with the baby: Parents need to be patient and know scheduling entertainment for the baby. Your baby should not be forced to sit hard-active for a long time, even after lunch at the restaurant or sit watching television. Let your baby more space and time play.

In addition, you also try to participate in the baby sports requiring strength. Sports activities, daily work to help calm your baby active and more disciplined.

Behavior with the baby quiet: With inward baby, parents need to give your baby more time to make a baby to do it. Compared with active baby, quiet baby is always slow and take longer to complete, is a simple matter. Best rush when you’re (probably annoyed available), please form your baby; for example, your own shoes. After that, they will know how to shoe follow the mother.

2. Baby excitability / calm

You try to quickly answer the questions below:

– Others can easily realize your baby is happy / angry ?

– Be a total scream up / review the opposite … when kid is vexed?

– You often punish the behavior of the baby is not excessive?

If the answer is mostly “yes”, the baby form of excitability; contrary, the baby is calm.

Dealing with baby excitability: When your baby easily angry before a situation, parents often respond by general bullying baby; for example, baby screaming to not to buy toys for the parents and yelled loudly mine baby. However, this does not help your baby control the mood of themselves and can not solve the problem.

To cope with the baby, you can refer to technical “Stop – Space – Meet again – Reset”:

– Stop: When you start anger, try to stop, not general yelled baby, baby will not move votes. You can calm mood before his discomfort.

– Space: For the time being, you leave your baby in a few minutes away. If your baby has entered the age of kindergarten (or school), you can leave your baby alone in a safe place. You can also talk to your baby, “Mom out (the toilet) a bit. I will return soon.

– Meet Left: Once you find a calm and problem-solving orientation with the baby, you can return to having the baby.

– Reset: Specify your opinions with the baby and, you listen to your baby’s aspirations.

Dealing with your baby calm: you would think to teach your baby calm generally protected but not always so. Babies at any age is difficult to understand and grasp thinking. Be calm can be irritable, angry, sesame lifting, and eating and make you “taste”. This difference is calm baby less often reveal emotional than real.

Therefore, you should be gentle to your baby can share your feelings with you; for example, can say, “said the mother is sad because the father does not go together.” Which if maintained would be very beneficial, especially when he or she enters puberty.




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