Back to School Ideas: How to Encourage Kids After Holiday Break


As the end of holiday break approaches, the biggest challenge for most parents is dragging their kids back to school. Indeed, it is very hard to change the mindset of the youngsters after the long and enjoyable holiday season. During the break, they have all the time to play, eat and sleep. Plus, no homeworks and schoolworks to do.

Back to School Ideas: How to Encourage Kids After Holiday Break

Now you have to think of effective motivations to make the big transition from free time to school time a bit exciting. To help you out, here are some ideas that can lure back the kids to learning and change the gloomy face into joyous one.

Use Simple Enticement

Tell your child that going back to school is a perfect time to share all of the holiday experiences to his/her classmates. Kids love to bring up and boast the things that they have done during the break as well as what gifts they received. If you went out of town, surely, they have so many stories to share about the place you visited.

Establish a Positive Attitude

Buy your child school supplies. Check out the school supply section of the department store and look for cool stuff used in school. Whether it’s a new pencil, colorful pen, notebook with his/her favorite superhero on the cover or a brand new lunch box, kids enjoy shopping for new things. Needless to say, school children love to flaunt and display new stuff. Other things you may purchase include shoes and school bag.

Prepare Daily Menu

Show them the list of food you plan to prepare for breakfast, lunch and snack. Be sure to include their favorite dish or dessert on the menu to make them feel excited about going back to school. For instance, if your kid loves to eat oat cereal, then plan to make oat cereal bars for snacks. Use your creativity by designing unique shapes and add colors. Your child will surely look forward to attending the first day of school after holiday break.

Plan After-school Activities

List down different activities you and your child can do after school for the whole week. You can stroll around the park or go biking. For busy moms and dads, quality time with their kids is still feasible. Moms can ask their children to help them out in preparing the food for dinner. Play board games with the youngsters even just for an hour or watch with them their favorite kiddie show.

Invite Classmates/Friends on Weekend

Ask your kid to invite his/her classmates or friends over on weekend to play or do school projects together. You can prepare snacks for them while they hang out together in your house. They can play basketball, splash in your swimming pool (with supervision) or play video game. Having this activity is not just a fun bonding moment but a good way to meet his/her classmates. Be sure to inform the parents of the little ones when you invite them.

Going back to school after an exciting and enjoyable holiday break is dreading for the youngsters. It may be challenging; but you can get them back on track by just thinking like a kid. Think of what do you like most when going back to school. When you know what to do, it’ll just be a simple task to carry out.