Baby 1 age and foods to avoid

There are some foods we commonly use everyday, but with children under one year old then be careful to ensure the health and safety for baby.
Baby 1 age and foods to avoid


You should not add any salt in any food for babies, because the kidneys may adapt more salt. Some foods have high salt content such as cheese, sausage, bacon and children should limit eating.

When buying foods for your baby, you should check the ingredients salt on packages. As recommended by the experts, children under 1 year should not exceed 0.4 g sodium per day. If cooking for the family, you should limit added salt to the dish that she can eat. This also helps ensure your health for the whole family.


The food and drinks usually contain sweeteners or cavities so that when the new baby grows. Just add sugar foods when really necessary. Children under one year old’s best not to use other types of cakes, biscuits, candy, ice cream.


Do not use honey for children under one year of age in any circumstances, even a cough. Because, in the honey contains a bacterium that can cause toxins to the baby’s gut. This can lead to serious poisoning in infants.

Honey is a form of sugar, which means it can affect not good for teeth and cause cavities.

Foods low in fat, fewer calories and more fiber

If you choose this food for newborns, this is not a good idea. Young children develop rapidly so that it should be provided more calories and nutrients from small amounts of food daily, rather than fiber-rich food for adults.

Fat provides energy for children and some vitamins can be found only in fat. So to choose foods rich in fat milk for your baby.

Children should not be used for food contain high fiber, whole bran, especially since it would interfere with the absorption of some important minerals like calcium and iron. Older children should be a new age for children to eat brown rice, pasta, or whole grains at breakfast.


Children under 5 years of age should not eat nuts, especially peanuts because they can cause choking, airway obstruction. In addition, peanuts are also likely to cause food allergy in young children.

Some fish

Shark, swordfish, maclin fish are fish contain high levels of mercury, which can adversely affect neurological development of children, so children should also avoid eating. Some seafood have shell may also be limited because the cause food poisoning in children.

Raw egg

Do not use raw eggs or egg is not cooked for baby. Children under 6 months old can eat eggs, but you must make sure eggs are thoroughly cooked until both the white and yolk solidifies.

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