Art of telling stories to children

One of the characteristics of childhood are very interested to hear storytelling. These stories can become a great bridge between you and your baby when you know how to become a talented storyteller.

Art of telling stories to children

But that does not mean parents do not need to improve their ability to tell stories to the baby. When you know how to make their stories become more attractive, you can attract the patience to listen to the baby. Here is a small note to help parents become storytellers the world’s most attractive in the eyes of their children.

Identity “audience” of your

It seems simple but many parents ignored, that’s always care about that the “audience” at your age are very small and our concerns with different issues of adults. When you are in tune with baby hobby, you have created the first successful in the process of becoming great storytellers.

Tell me about your own life

Children love to hear stories of the adults around them, especially the “first time” of them. For example: The first parent to go to school, the first parent training bicycle and fall off a bike, the first parent  were shout by grandparents  … These stories seem miscellaneous which makes their children feel closer to parents – the people which was great and always do the right thing on the minds of children.

Talk about children

They’ll prove they are extremely interested to hear their own stories as a child: the birth date like? The meaning of the name? What fun that you did as a kid? … The stories that make your baby’s interest not only because they are discovering themselves, but also because the feeling was that  parents are very interested.

Tell me about those things in the house

The furniture in this house are very familiar with baby but if you can tell some good stories around objects which are really great. For example: orange candles are hand made by grandmother to give your mother, the furniture is made from the tips to the style of your grandfather – a talented architect or simply: The water jug is the gift of  father when mother have a baby by father know that you and me very like the vase with purple flowers …


  1. Hi, I used to be really good at storytelling. I tell stories to my baby brother. I’m going to try them this weekend. I’m gonna try to tell him about my own life stories. Thanks for the nice tips!