The immune system does a remarkable job of defending the body against microorganisms which cause diseases. However, it sometimes fails. Germs can still invade the immune system successfully which make people sick.

The idea of boosting the immunity system is enticing, but the ability to do it is elusive for several reasons. To function well, it needs balance and harmony. In the meantime, there are general healthy living techniques which are good ways to boost the immune system.

1. Get enough sleep and manage stress

Having an endless list of things to do can be overwhelming, and it is always tempting to skip sleeping and get everything done. However if not prioritizing becomes a habit, the person can have a serious complication to the health. People that gets a lack of sleep are prone on not only getting infectious diseases but also reactivation of past illness.

In boosting the immune system, it is advisable for people to have enough sleep to avoid any old virus reawakening in the system that can causes diseases. Also, stress overload and sleep deprivation raise the hormone cortisol that can prolong elevation of which suppresses immune function.

To achieve a good sleep, have a sleep hygiene to follow. Also, make sure that the beddings of the mattress and pillow top are newly changed. Using clean linens and pillow top can relax the mind that will also help in having enough sleep and manage stress as well.

2. Eat more Garlic

Garlic is a wide-spectrum immune booster and antimicrobial agent. It has an active component called allicin which is responsible for having a significant effect on the immune system.  Allicin aids in deactivating the heat.

It also helps in improving the immune system and also aids in preventing cancer. According to studies, allicin helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and aids in increasing good cholesterol.

3. Drink less alcohol

Excessive drinking of alcohol impairs the immune system. Drinking alcohol every day or almost every day can cause flu, colds or other illnesses.

Heavy drinkers can experience those diseases frequently compared to people that drink moderately. Since alcohol weakens the immune system, it also makes the body vulnerable to different kinds of infections especially lung diseases.

4. Avoid smoking tobacco 

9 Natural Ways to Boost the Immune SystemSmoking is one of the main reason that can weaken the immune system. Smoking can cause inflammation in different areas which also results in the dysfunction of the immune system.

The immune system can fight any types of infections, such as pneumonia, flu, and a virus that can attack the body. Also, it undermines primary immune defenses and increases the danger of pneumonia and bronchitis to everyone, and middle ear infections in kids.

5. Eat medicinal mushrooms

A recent study shows that a concentrated extract of shiitake mushroom enhances immune function in women with breast cancer.

6. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts

Eating these will provide nutrients which the immune system needs. A study conducted in older adults showed that boosting vegetable and fruits intake improved antibody response to the Pneumovax vaccine.

7. Try herbs which support the immune system

If there are recurrent infections, consider taking herbs to support the immune system such as eleuthero, Asian ginseng, American ginseng, and astragalus.

8. Make a batch of chicken soup

Ingredients in this soup contain chicken, sweet potatoes, onions, turnips, parsnips, carrots, parsley, celery, pepper, and salt. These ingredients have been proven to slow the travel of white blood cells going to the upper respiratory tract. It can help relieve the symptoms of a cold.

9. Soak under the sun

Vitamin D is a supercharger for the immune system and getting it from the sun is the most natural and best way to stock up some. But remember that too many rays can result in burn injuries or skin cancer, so just schedule the moments with the sun.

The primary line of defense to avoid sickness is to have a healthy lifestyle. People should just follow general tips for good health because it is the best way for anyone to keep the immune system strong and healthy naturally.


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