With summer coming up, there is a lot to get excited about. Family vacations, barbecues, and rafting trips down the river are just a few of the joys typical to an American summer. But summer also means getting excited about summer snacks and other foods. There are a number of snacks, though, that we like to eat during the summer even though they are unhealthy (hotdogs, anyone?). But the good news is that there are plenty of delicious, very healthy summer snacks that the whole family can enjoy. Below are eight of the best ones.

8 Summer Snacks That Are Great For The Whole Family

1 – Watermelon. Who doesn’t love a juicy, sweet watermelon? Whether you are cutting it up and serving it plain, blending it into a watermelon smoothie, or even pickling it with some dill, garlic, and salt, watermelon is a delicious way to cool down.

2 – Nuts. Nuts are great all year round but they are especially useful for summer hiking trips. Just a handful of a few nuts will taste great, boost your energy levels, and give your body its necessary protein fix.

3 – Gazpacho. A lot of people associate soup with the winter but there is a whole wide world of cold soups out there perfect for summer. Gazpacho is a Spanish, tomato-based, cold soup and it s delicious. Top it off with some freshly chopped avocado or some sliced red onion for an extra touch.

4 – Frozen grapes. Grapes are a delicious snack but sometimes they go bad if you do not eat them right away. Sticking them in the freezer makes them last longer, not to mention they are extra delicious and refreshing that way. Eat just a few or enjoy a whole bushel. They are a healthy, guilt free snack.

5 – Organic hotdogs. Don’t want to give up hotdogs even though they are typically unhealthy, made of a mixture of animal parts, dyes, and chemical additives? Good news – you can enjoy organic hotdogs, which are made with organic meat and are free of the toxins typically found in your standard, run-of-the-mill dog.

6 – Smoothies. Smoothies are delicious all year round, but they are extra good in the summer when they are cold and you are hot. You can throw in anything you want – frozen fruit, fresh fruit, yogurt, milk – and change up your ingredients as often as you like.

7 – Bananas. Bananas are another snack that is just as good during the summer – if not better – as it is during the rest of the year. You can grab a banana, stick it in your bag, and save it for later, or you can eat it while you’re on your way to school, work, or an appointment. Want to make it more enticing? Dip it in melted chocolate, and leave it to cool on wax paper in your fridge. Makes for a delicious and refreshing snack!


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