8 mistakes when baby use milk

Milk is an indispensable source of nutrition for the baby but the concepts in the using of this drink is still not a few misunderstandings:

8 mistakes when baby use milk

1. Fresh milk better than formula

Ingredient of iron and phosphorus in the composition of milk is not suitable for the young digestive system of newborn. If using fresh milk for premature infants, children do not absorb nutrients that also causes kidney stones.

Also lactozo in fresh milk production bacillus of the large intestine makes the digestion system easy illness and the mineral component increases activity kidney more than twice that causes children lost water, hot in the body…

2. The more expensive decide good milk

Experts said the research components of different types of formula actual nutritional content is not much difference. But some businesses take advantage of psychological buyers deliberately raising prices or milk products imported by the relatively high pay taxes so prices are usually higher than other types of milk in the country.

3. The rate nutrient is the most important

For children 1 year of age in the nutritional composition of milk mainly similar to breast milk, with some products raising elements, but for her it did not effect change. In addition to drinking milk from 6 months old baby should eat more foods supplement. When the milk should choose a reliable producers.

4. Aromatic milk by high nutritional value

Flavor in milk is effective only change the taste of her but do not raise the nutritional ingredient of milk.

5. Good milk fast melting that good

Solubility of milk did not show nutrient composition of milk, particularly milk powder. Milk powder is a mixture of ingredients: milk powder, starch, flour and butter, trace elements. Quality, phase distribution ratio is a key determinant of milk quality.

6. Calcium as high as appropriate

Actual levels of calcium in milk powder processing material is not high, but due to some characteristics of the product manufacturer has improved the ratio of calcium in milk. But children’s body is also very difficult to absorb calcium is too high, causing the phenomenon of reverse dyspepsia, prolonged defecation difficult to kidney stones.

7. Cool milk when add sugar

Many parents believe that children are easy to hot while drinking milk, so when the milk is often added a little sugar. This method is completely wrong. Content components in milk just enough without added sugar, if used too much sugar can cause imbalance in nutrition, child obesity or sugar in the body too high.

8. Baby 1 age just drink milk

Although mother’s milk and powder milk is an indispensable component in the development of children but needed to add extra food to avoid nutritional deficiency or anemia, zinc. Supplementary food for children, depending months: 4 months old started to eat the egg yolk, 5 months old to eat more vegetables and minced, 6 months for ground fish, eat more beans puree 8 months, the liver grind.

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