8 big mistakes of mother feed the child


Child drink regular soft drinks, vitamin supplements as much as possible or make the formula so special is one of the serious mistakes of their parents for the child’s diet.

8 big mistakes of mother feed the child

1. The formula is too thick and sweet

Fact: Condensed milk not only affect blood pressure but also cause constipation and feeling sore when baby  is defecating. Too much sugar will affect the absorption of zinc, causing digestive disorders leading to anorexia, decreased immunity makes children especially susceptible to diarrhea.

The Fix: In the 100 mg of milk to add 5-8 grams of sugar.

2. Vitamin tablets instead of vegetables

Fact: These vegetables are rich sources of vitamins and contains trace elements and minerals essential for children. Vegetable fiber, which helps children to promote bowel movement, clean teeth, good for teeth and help benefit health.

The Fix: Vitamin pills can not replace fruits and vegetables by young green vegetables helps reduce the risk of constipation and tooth decay.

3. Egg yolk and green spinach aid in blood

Fact: Eggs are rich in iron, but the rate of intestinal absorption is very low. Iron content in spinach lower than beans, leeks, celery, etc. .. and not easily absorbed in the intestine to form iron oxalate. So just use the egg yolk and spinach will not add enough blood for the baby.

The Fix: In addition to the egg yolk and spinach, eat liver, fish, lean pork, beef, lamb, legumes, leeks, celery, cherries, bananas, walnuts, red apples are the food are rich in iron and easily absorbed in the gut. Combine meat and vegetables will help them better absorb iron.


4. Sugar is not good for baby

Fact: Sugar is good for children’s development if used an appropriate amount. Eat some candy before the bath to help children prevent dizziness. When your child continuously mobilize and sustain additional energy by feeding every half hour candy. When hungry eat quickly improve the condition of hypoglycemia. I eat two hours before a meal does not affect appetite but also the added benefit of energy and the development of children.

The Fix: You can select a number of snacks containing sugar, such as red apples, raisins, dried fruit, fruit, almond, dairy products. We not only meet the interests sweets but also help them additional energy and nutrients you need.

8 big mistakes of mother feed the child5. Do not allow your child eat snacks

Fact: Children enjoyed activities should energy consumption of a day is quite large. So go outside the main meal supplements for children with energy and nutrition foods useful for children by eating some snacks to meet the body’s metabolism.

The Fix: Should add baby food for a scientific manner. First, snack time to a reasonable best feeding between main meals. In addition, food intake should also have enough, can not affect the evening meal. Choosing frugal food, easy to digest and does not affect the child’s teeth.

6. Regular soft drinks for children

Fact: Fresh water is a beverage, but can not replace natural water. The sweet and sour in the fresh water is made from sweeteners, colorings and flavor to taste additional children but not quench their  thirst and cause sensation feeling full affect the child’s digestion.

The Fix: Better go relieve thirst for children with boiled water. For children like to drink more water than just the pure juice into your baby’s daily drinking water.

7. Vitamin supplements as much as possible

Fact: Although vitamin is an essential nutrient of the body but it is a fat soluble vitamin, if too much accumulates in the body will cause poisoning.

The Fix: Use of vitamins as directed by your doctor and vitamin supplements are safe to try breastfeeding and increased rations by age, attention to food rich in vitamins in the diet of children .

8. Strict attitude when baby is anorexic

Fact: The attitude of child favorite foods with a number that is a manifestation of first symptoms of anorexia. Can not eat baby food for a while but this will disappear when they want to eat again.

The Fix: The mother should not be too concerned about this issue and have an strict attitude about suffer from inappetence. If you do not mind would leave child feeling of fear that children do not want to eat food that even like to eat.

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