7 ways to help your child grow up more

If you want your children to become a good person, you need to set some ground rules to stamp out bad behavior or attitude of the baby just in the infancy.

7 ways to help your child grow up more
1. Set clear limits

See the difference between the two requirements to say: “Okay, I could eat a biscuit (hopefully child will be eating another one after a few seconds) and” I only eat only a biscuit , not add because time going to dinner then. Here’s a biscuit.

2. You must firm

You told child to eat a cake, it means there will not be the second cake. But for second cake no harm, but it would make baby continue to nag the next time or the other.

3. Never softened when child implore

Simply  if a mother was softened, child will know that the things should do

4. Let your child convince you

If child wants something that you are not sure, ask baby about it clearly. Do you want to be watching your favorite TV show? If child explanation was complete homework and practice piano finish, you will feel comfortable to tell me: “I agree.”

5. To finish errand before playing

You do not let child be free of the house regularly. The study showed that strict with baby in the family matters can help child overcome difficulties in later life.

6. Do not be afraid to disappoint you

Parents always desire to bring what is best for children, but must remember the principle can not have everything we want. Research also indicates that, learn to accept disappointment successfully help child cope with stress in life.

7. For child work to get what baby wants

Many experts believe that children are naughty when everything too easy. Therefore, child needs to understand that everything has price. If they want a new bike, need to develop a reward system for good behavior and guide child to achieve.
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