7 tips eliminated morning sickness during pregnancy


Morning sickness is the fear of pregnant women. How to remove severe morning sickness, help for the days of your pregnancy more comfortable.

7 tips eliminated morning sickness during pregnancy

1. Bread or crackers before getting out of bed. Leave a few in the bed for when you wake up, you can with your hands in your mouth.

2. Do not jump into bed, but please step down slowly. Thus, you will avoid the risk of morning sickness during pregnancy.

3. Another way to reduce morning sickness is to eat yogurt, cheese made from skim milk, juice or milk to drink before going to sleep or waking.

4. Eat several small meals throughout the day. Do not let your stomach too long for the day. Empty stomach will make you more vulnerable morning sickness.

5. Preggie Pops Candy reduce morning sickness or Preggie Drops. The candy uses natural herbs and ginger to reduce nausea of ??pregnancy as well as dry mouth.

6. Sea sickness bracelet reduction bands: These bracelets have limited effects nausea and vomiting.

7. Mints: The mint will soothe the pain and help reduce severe abdominal pregnancy. So, often bring candy in the bag slightly.

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