There are 7 things to do with children when caring them. While young children can not understand the meaning of what their parents do, but as we grow older we’ll be grateful for the lesson you taught during the first year of life.

Time for Children

Even with a busy day you can only children 15 minutes, the time you spend with children is one of the biggest things that children will thank you. Shelve the work being done to read a story to your child, help them do homework or simply a stroll with them. That really meant for children, making them feel you care about them, than work. Spend more time with your child every day is a child of faith, so that they know they can fully trust in you.

read book with kid

Breaking the rules

Maybe at dinner, watching TV is not a statutory requirement. Sometimes change by giving children watch a good movie or a cartoon fun at dinner – this will make kids enjoy. Sometimes breaking the rules and giving children the fun and unforgettable memories. So sometimes change some of the rules that. That will not hurt anyone, but it will bring joy to everyone.

Participate in activities

In today’s society with the pressures of life, sometimes you’ll see an error when the child does not have a swimming lesson or unable to speak more foreign languages. Meanwhile, the kids think that they need to participate in extra-curricular activities and playing sports. Try to spend half the time the weekend so that families can be together, together, read books or play. Babies grow quickly, and as they grow, we’ll be happy to have had a true childhood.


Teaching children life skills

Sometimes trying to teach your son to clean the bathroom or washing dishes was a disaster but the benefits from it, then is not there. Let your child learn cooking, cleaning and washing is a good way to equip their later life. Since children are still in kindergarten, you teach children how to sort clothes, cleaning their own things. Children may be pouting and uncomfortable but believe that someday we will have to thank you for what you taught.


You may know that you are always right or you just want to do things in accordance to their own opinions but please listen to the children. We have opinions and private interpretations. Listen baby, from there you can see that you sent or not and how to solve it easier. Even if you do not change your mind, your child will feel appreciated for what they say and you are interested in what they want and need.

A day’s grace

Life is a succession of repetitive’s going to work, to school and trying to everything good. You can change the time period, it may be a day of the week to leave everything and make everything as fun as possible. For your child to rest for a day together playing or doing something special to remember the day. The next day can be busy, but seeing the smile from the child, you will find it fully deserves.


Come back again as a child. Children love to play and sometimes you just need time to play with the kids. Newly comfortable playing again recently had the opportunity to learn more about your child, it’s not what you want. Along with children’s play telling them that you care about children and want to be with them every day. Even if you have to play with things you do not like toys. But that is when a holiday, children come to you and asked, “Mommy, play with me, please?”


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