Eating during pregnancy is always a top concern of parents elected as this directly affects the development of the foetus.  Before pregnancy you may freely eat of interest because most of the foods added to the body are not harmful if you eat too much  your resistance can sustain. However, when pregnancy is different, you should be careful in finding the source of food so that children develop the most comprehensive or at least not affect the health of the fetus and pregnant mother.

Here are the fruits pregnant should not eat:

1. Green Papaya

7 fruits pregnant should eat more

Many studies show that green or unripe papaya contains a lot of enzymes and latex, can cause uterine contractions with the result that will cause miscarriage. Moreover, green papaya contains prostaglandin and oxytocin are substances that the body is needed to start the moment the birth of the child. Thus, while not enough for full-day child is born, if you eat green papaya, then most likely you will miscarriage.

But ripe papaya (actually ripe) was very good for pregnant women. Ripe papaya contains nine essential nutrients to the fetus and also help women get rid of constipation and heartburn.

2. Longan

7 fruits pregnant should eat more

Longan is sweet scented but hot then pregnant women should eat no more logan. This is because pregnant women often have symptoms and is usually hot in the phenomenon of constipation, logan will increase more in hot, the foetal derangement bleeding abdominal pain… even hurt foetus, leading to miscarriage.

3. Cat apple

7 fruits pregnant should eat more

Cat apple sour, acrid, sweet are the pregnant women with morning sickness but the fruit not really good for pregnant women. According to literature records, apple cats have the effect of excitement the uterus, can promote uterine contractions, cause miscarriage and premature birth.

4. Pineapple

7 fruits pregnant should eat more

According to research by scientists, pregnant in the first 3 months  should not eat, drink too much pineapple juice as the fruit can cause uterine contractions as a miscarriage or cause diarrhea or allergic for pregnant women. The reason is that fresh pineapple contains bromelain effect softens the uterus, producing substances that cause abortion.

But if past due date, the pineapple can help you. But saying so is not used to stimulate the birth pineapple by a fresh pineapple contains only very small amounts of bromelain, to eat at least seven fresh pineapple / day, may the new feel the uterine contractions.

5. Soy

7 fruits pregnant should eat more

A recent study by the Institute of Hopkins scientists have raised the hypothesis of whether eating soy during pregnancy can cause abnormalities in reproductive organs and sexual disability in boys or not? Although there is no answer, but best to convince themselves that we should avoid as much as they can be safe for us but detrimental to the fetus.

6. Peach

Peaches are sweet, the heat, so if eating peaches, pregnant women are easy to bleed. The hair on the peel peaches very itchy, sore throat.

7. Peanuts

7 fruits pregnant should eat more

According to recent research results of scientists, pregnant women eat peanuts easy to increase the risk of babies born with the tendency to be allergic to foods. This is because the protein in peanuts that pregnant women can eat into the fetus causing symptoms. Therefore, during pregnancy, women should weigh the foods.


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