You are trying to help children not become a bully, lie or talked back. But even if you threatened, scolded and even imploring you, but you do not achieve desired results. So how do you correct your child’s bad behavior? The first thing you can do is rethink how your education.

7 big mistakes when disciplining childrenChildren form their behavior through learning. Therefore, to modify the child’s bad habits, you should take the time to find ways to change. Also, you should find out what you did right and wrong.

Some common errors that parents suffer when a child is disciplined:

1. For your children the formation of habits.

Typically, when new bad habits, you often overlook. Only when the your children vices making you uncomfortable, then your new attention. You should stop your child’s bad habits as soon as possible. Do not  your child to form the bad habits then change.

2. Bad example for children.

Our behavior greatly influenced children’s behavior. Children will imitate what they see from you. Therefore, before you change children’s behavior, you should change your own behavior.

3. Focus on a vice.

To succeed in correcting bad habits for your child, you should focus vices edit each of the children rather than focusing edit vices from two or more at a time.

4. There is no specific plan to correct bad habits of the children.

You need to perform four steps to correct bad habits for children. Planning your baby’s correct bad habits:

(1) Specify the vices of children

(2) Tell your children clear that rational behavior

(3) Find an appropriate behavior to replace bad habits

(4) Set out the consequences that you will apply if the child continues to recur.

5. No guiding children to appropriate behavior.

You can not change the bad habits if you do not show your child new behaviors to replace. If you ask me no runs wild in supermarket that child would do it instead. If no suitable alternative behaviors, children will continue to repeat the bad habits.

6. Only you edit bad habits for your child.

If you do not coordinate with the teacher, wife / husband you, grandparents, … it is a mistake. By children will not behave badly with you, but will behave badly with people involved. The more you coordinate with many people, you soon dispel the bad habits of children.

7. Abandon the plan.
In order to form a new habit to replace, you need to remind children at least 21 days after children have formed a new habit.


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